BTS V Reveals Relationship With Other Members Off The Camera

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Credit: BANGTANTV/YouTube Screenshot

BTS members have been known for their incredible bond on and off the camera. Now, Kim Tae Hyung, also known as V, reveals what their relationship is like off the stage.

BTS is now busy doing their individual projects, but they still often talk about each other, especially on vlogs. So, what can V say about their relationship?

BTS as Family

V didn’t just see BTS as co-workers. For him, they’re family.

He said, via Koreaboo, that they formed a solid bond after starting in a small agency.

“My mindset was also very different. From that point on, I thought of my group as a new family,” he revealed.

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Like his real family, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, and Jungkook are there to “understand and comfort” him.

“My groupmates tell me that I can lean on them and talk to them whenever I’m having a hard time,” he continued. “When I’m struggling, they comfort me as Kim Taehyung, not V.”

V’s Bond with BTS Fans ARMY

Aside from other BTS members, V has also developed a unique bond with their fans, ARMY. Their relationship has transcended artist-fan communication, having a deeper connection with their supporters.

“I want to be close friends with the members of ARMY, and I talk to them on Weverse whenever I have a problem or something I want to share,” he stated. “This is how I want to interact all the time — I don’t like a business-like approach to anything.”

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He called his close relationship with them “destiny,” and it was something that heavily influenced his life.

What V Really Wants to Do

For V, not everything he does in the entertainment world is for business. He’s doing what he wants, and not everything is about work.

He usually takes photos because it’s what he wants to do. He’s generally doing things because he likes them.

He’s not even afraid to approach people when he likes them.


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“I accept that you sometimes need a business mindset, but I’m not very good at that. That’s my weakness,” he explained.

Knowing a lot of people love him, V also wants to share the same love with people, especially with BTS’s fans, in any way he can.

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