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BLACKPINK Discusses Born Pink’s Release, Its Difference Compared to the Album, and Upcoming Music Video, World Tour

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BLACKPINK’s comeback album, Born Pink, has finally dropped. As fans are excited to hear what they have in store this time, Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rose talked about the newly-released LP.

Born Pink features the title track “Shut Down” and the pre-release single “Pink Venom,” along with six additional b-sides. So, what makes Born Pink special?

Highlighting Born Pink’s Release

In an interview with Xportsnews, via Soompi, Jisoo revealed she would first look at the fans’ reactions as soon as the new album dropped.

“When the album comes out, the first thing I will do is search for our fans’ reactions,” she said.

Jennie, alternatively, said they looked at each other’s thoughts and emotions as they worked on this album to bring out something from deep inside of them.

“As we gave and took feedback to and from each other, I felt that we shined the most when the four of us were together,” she added.

The Difference Between The Album, Born Pink

Rose compared their first full-length album, The Album, to the latest Born Pink, saying the second one expressed their true nature.

“If The Album focused solely on music, we tried to express BLACKPINK’s true nature through this album Born Pink, like its title,” she explained. “While protecting BLACKPINK’s original identity, we continued to try new things.”

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With that said, Born Pink is something new that fans are about to see.

“We’ve created music that has yet to be seen with our extraordinary imagination,” she stated.

Talking about Title Track ‘Shut Down’

Talking about their title track, “Shut Down,” Lisa said it perfectly captured their group, making her confident that it was the song BLACKPINK could express well.

Jennie added that the song took the “consistent charisma” the girls had shown to the next level.

“The combination of classic and trendy hip hop beats is memorable, and it has the charm of feeling new while also being very catchy,” she continued.

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BLACKPINK’s New Music Video

Meanwhile, after “Pink Venom,” BLACKPINK drops a new music video for “Shut Down.”

“If you watch the music video closely, BLACKPINK’s existing hit songs will be hidden here and there,” Jisoo teased. “You’ll also be able to see us naturally acting within that so please look forward to it.”

BLACKPINK’s Upcoming World Tour

After the release of Born Pink, BLACKPINK will kick off their much-awaited world tour in North America next month.

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“For this concert, there will be a lot of performances that are being revealed for the very first time,” Rose teased. “Since this is our first world tour in a while, the members and staff are all putting our heads together and preparing diligently.”

Lisa added that she had been trying new things so that there would be something different that fans were about to see.

“We’re preparing performances you’ve missed, will look forward to, and will find familiar, as well as new performances you can’t even imagine,” she said.

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