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Dara Hints At Possible 2NE1 Reunion

Credit: KOCOWA TV/YouTube Screenshot

Dara graced MBC’s Radiostar and talked about everything under the sun, including the possible reunion of 2NE1. So, will fans once again see Bom, CL, Dara, and Minzy together on the same stage after their recent reunion at Coachella?

Dara remains her door open to the possibility of reuniting with her fellow 2NE1 members, Bom, CL, and Minzy. In fact, the other members also wish for it to happen.

Dara Wishes for a 2NE1 Reunion

The K-pop star revealed, via AllKpop, that all group members are also looking forward to reuniting.

“We believe that there is a time for us,” she said. “We recently saw Girls' Generation reunite so I feel 2nd Generation (idols) are still alive."

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Girls’ Generation recently reunited to celebrate their 15th anniversary in the business—five years after dropping their 2017 album Holiday Night.

With that said, Dara remains hopeful that 2NE1 will also have the chance to reunite.

Dara Reveals How 2NE1’s Disbandment Makes Her Feel

Meanwhile, host Ahn Young Mi asked Dara how she felt when 2NE1 disbandment despite the group’s incredible popularity.

"It felt like the sky was falling,” she said. "The situation was not good. The agency at the time also thought that it would be difficult for the group to promote.”

But for the members themselves, nothing was impossible.

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“We wanted to continue because we have our fans,” she continued. “Also, we promoted for seven years together, but we only have two full-length albums."

Aside from themselves, Dara also worried about their fans, Blackjack.

“We thought, 'will we not be able to see our fans anymore..?'” she added. “Also, I promoted as 2NE1 for only 7 years, but over those years, I felt like I am just 2NE1 (it was my identity)."

After the disbandment, she felt she wasn’t identified as a member of 2NE1 anymore.

"I think after disbanding, it was the darkest few years for me,” she stated.

2NE1’s Popularity

Dara also reminisced the fame 2NE1 had before when they were still promoting.

In fact, she revealed that in 2015, Emma Stone said on a talk show that she was a fan of their group. She also recalled meeting Jeon Ho Yeon, who confessed she was also an avid fan.

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"I met Jeon Ho Yeon at an event, and she said she loves 2NE1 and even sang our song 'Fire,’” she said.

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