Kang Dong Won Recalls 1st Meeting With BTS V + How They Became Friends

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Credit: KBS WORLD TV/YouTube Screenshot

Kang Dong Won and BTS V’s friendship is one of the sweetest in the industry.

Earlier this month, V shared a video and photo he took during the VIP premiere of Kang Dong Won’s movie, Broker. The K-pop idol returned to South Korea immediately after their visit to the White House so he could support his best friend.

The duo also posed for pictures together, with V saying that he would watch the film well.

Now, the actor reflected on V’s touching move and support after Broker’s premiere at the Cannes.

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Kang Dong Won Reveals He Only Invited V and Few Friends to Broker Premiere

After the 75th Cannes Film Festival, Kang Dong Won had an interview in which he talked about V and his attendance at the test screening.

According to the actor, he does not really like VIP test screenings since it is exhausting to contact guests, invite them, and assign seating.

“I only got two rows [of seats] this time so arranging seats for my guests was so hard. My guests may not have good relationships [with each other] and I have to think about their personalities. Since I only have a few good seats, I asked for the understanding of those with good personalities,” he said.

When asked what seat he gave to V, he jokingly said that he wanted him to put him in the front row so he could watch the film while holding his head up.

Fans can finally watch the movie recommended personally by V starting June 8.

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How Did Kang Dong Won, V Meet?

The actor also recalled meeting through a mutual friend after V said he wanted to see him.

Per Kang Dong Won, they are not from the same place but the idol told him that he heard about him in Geochang since he is famous in the neighborhood.

The Butter singer once revealed that Kang Dong Won is his role model, so meeting him after a few years became a dream come true.

“V is close with singer Park Hyo Shin and when I was with Hyo Shin, our acquaintance asked if they could invite [V] so I ended up meeting him.” Kang Dong Won then joked, “But I still don’t like stuff like school ties, hometown ties, or family ties,” he went on.


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