HIGHLIGHT Dongwoon Joins Kim Sejeong, Nam Yoon Su in Korean Remake of Sleepeeer Hit!

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Credit: OFFICIAL HIGHLIGHT/YouTube Screenshot

Today’s Webtoon welcomed HIGHLIGHT Dongwoon to the K-drama’s cast members.

The upcoming remake of the 2016 Japanese hit drama, Sleepeeer Hit!, titled Today’s Webtoon, is set to explore to story of Goo Joon Young and On Ma Eum. The characters will be played by Nam Yoon Su and Kim Sejeong, respectively.

On Ma Eum is a former judo athlete who gets employed in a webtoon editorial department. But she faces struggles while trying to become a true webtoon editor. With that, the upcoming series will highlight the competitive nature when it comes to job postings in South Korea.

Meanwhile, Goo Joon Young sees her as an inspiration due to her sincerity in doing the things she loves.

Before the drama’s premiere, it added Dongwoon to the list of artists fans should look forward to.

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Today’s Webtoon Adds Dongwoon to Its Cast List

On June 7, Dongwoon’s agency, Around Us Entertainment, commented on the reports about the K-pop idol’s appearance in the upcoming SBS drama.

“Son Dongwoon will take on the role of Oh Yoon in the SBS drama ‘Today’s Webtoon,’ which will premiere on July 29,” it said.

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The Butterfly hitmaker scored Oh Yoon’s role. He is a handsome and popular webtoon writer who became more famous due to the series he is working on.

The story in question explores the hilarious stories in one’s life. He also gains attention by doing TV appearances while working as a writer. He is expected to work with the Neon Webtoon’s editorial department for his new project.

Today’s Webtoon Release Date

Before confirming Dongwoon’s participation, Today’s Webtoon producers said that they had finished the script reading and were about to begin filming.

“Kim Sejeong, Choi Daniel, Nam Yoon Su, and the rest of the main cast is creating a warm and relatable office drama through their perfect character synchronization and sincerity. Their office place chemistry is better than expected so it feels like we’ve received a lot of support,” the creators added.

They confirmed that Today’s Webtoon would be released on July 29 after Again My Life’s final episode.

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