Juvenile Justice: Actor Kim Mu Yeol Thanks Viewers For Fighting Youth Crimes Through New Netflix Series

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Credit: NETFLIX ASIA/YouTube Screenshot

Juvenile Justice became the latest gamechanger as the drama – for the first time – highlights the problems and issues in youth crimes.

The Hong Jong Chan-directed series immediately earned people’s attention due to its unique plot and genre. Far from the usual crime drama, the new Netflix series tells the story of young people who committed five crimes. The youngsters, who are all under 14, get excluded from criminal responsibility since they are still minors.

Shim Eun Sok, an elite judge (played by Kim Hye Soo), finds herself in the darkest part of her career after being appointed to become a judge of a juvenile court in the Yeonhwa District. The series depicts a message of how society triggers juveniles’ acts.

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Juvenile Justice Actor Kim Mu Yeol Thanks Fans For Spreading Important Message

Kim Mu Yeol, who plays the role of Cha Tae Joo, thanked fans in South Korea and abroad for tuning in the legal series and understanding the drama’s message.

In a media interview, the actor noted how the drama deals with difficult and grave issues. Although these can bring emotional stress to the viewers, the fans are sympathetic to the message they want to deliver.

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“We all know recent Korean zombie shows or romances gained worldwide popularity, but our drama is relatively slow and boring," he said, as quoted by Korea Times. "But despite cultural differences, many countries struggle with juvenile crime, and people go along with our drama."

The actor said that the main theme of Juvenile Justice also resonates well with people around the globe. Although it is not as sensational as Squid Game and All of Us Are Dead, Kim Mu Yeol said that Juvenile Justice delivers something no one shared before.

Kim Mu Yeol Compares Himself to Character, Cha Tae Joo

During the same conversation, the actor took his time to compare himself to Cha Tae Joo.

In the series, Cha Tae Joo is a judge in a juvenile court who believes young criminals can be rehabilitated. He approaches Shim Eun Sok, who has always been cold-hearted toward young offenders.

According to Kim Mu Yeol, his character represents a social stance on juvenile offenders, promoting a balanced point of view to everyone.

"There are many approaches and attitudes to youth crimes, and Tae-ju's belief is hardly negligible, I think," he said. "I was convinced that he has his own history that explains why he has such an optimistic viewpoint and becomes a judge in a juvenile court."

Juvenile Justice premiered on Netflix on February 25, and subscribers can still watch the series as of press time.

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