Jung Hae In Reportedly Ruining Career With Bad Drama Choices, Say Fans

Credit: KBS WORLD TV/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: KBS WORLD TV/YouTube Screenshot

Jung Hae In has impressed K-drama fans with his charisma and acting skills in several award-winning series and films.

The actor, now a top Hallyu star, only thought about pursuing an acting career following his military enlistment. He also took Broadcasting Entertainment in a university which helped him decide what he truly wanted to do.

However, his fans now feel worried he might be making wrong choices on the right path due to his poor production choices.

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Jung Hae In Losing More Because of Unbelievable Choices?

This month, his most recent drama with BLACKPINK Jisoo, Snowdrop, premiered. Despite its initial demand, it has been bombarded with criticisms that Korean citizens have already launched a petition to remove the show.

As a result, the actor's fans think even more that he has been making mistakes in his choices. What's worse is that the events reportedly start ruining his career.

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His fans mentioned that his unfortunate fate started on tvN 2020 drama A Piece of Your Mind. It follows the story of an AI programmer and music recording engineer. However, the series garnered nothing but low viewership ratings. At that time, its highest rating was only around 2.4 percent during its first episode. It dipped even more to a 1 percent rating throughout the broadcast.

Because of this, the network decided to cut the drama short and released 12 episodes instead of the original 16 instead.

His D.P also enjoyed a short-lived success before the JTBC series ruined his pace even more.

What Happened to Jung Hae In, Jisoo's Snowdrop?

Korean citizens immediately called for the cancelation of Snowdrop soon after its first two episodes aired. The aforementioned parts shared a glimpse of what happened to the characters in 1987.

Petitioners explained that the scenes on the series demoralized the "value of the democratization movement" in South Korea. The first scene that started the buzz is when Jisoo's character thought the male lead was a pro-democracy activist before saving his life.

"This is a clear insult to those who have been fighting military dictatorship, and it is a very dangerous act that can give a signal to the current military dictatorship countries that their state violence may also be glorified over time," the group The Declaration of Global Citizen in Korea said.

Jung Hae In has not commented on the unfortunate events yet. But his fans hope he will find better productions soon.

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