ITZY Grabs New Milestone After Hit Song WANNABE Reaches 400 Million Views

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ITZY grew further to become JYP Entertainment's hidden weapon in the K-pop industry.

In 2019, JYP Entertainment expanded its business and introduced the five-piece group to the public with their hit single album It'z Different. Since then, ITZY has continuously ruled over several shows and ceremonies, scoring different recognitions no rookie group ever reached before.

Among their current accolades include 34th Golden Disc Awards' Rookie of the Year, 2019 Melon Music Awards' New Artist of the Year, and 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards' Best New Female Artist, among others.


Following the success of their first project, the girl group dropped their second EP, It'z Me, and uncovered its lead single Wannabe. Over a year since its release, the single pushed the girl group to reach a new milestone.

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ITZY Reaches 400 Million Views With Wannabe

On Tuesday, ITZY's Wannabe music video officially surpassed 400 million views. The song reached the mark after a year, nine months, and 11 days since its release in March 2020.

It became the first music video of the group to get 400 million views, and it happened months before ITZY's second debut anniversary. It has been worth it for the girl group, as they made the single with the help of award-winning producers, including Sophie and Oliver Heldens.


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Wannabe allowed the girl group to try promoting EDM sounds, bringing new music to their fans.

Aside from the recent milestone, the song also collected several awards and recognitions for the group. Its album debuted at number one on South Korea's Gaon Album chart, making it the first album ITZY made that became number one in the country. It also dominated the international chart, securing number five on the Billboard World Albums chart.

Before ending their promotions, ITZY managed to achieve eight music show wins with the song.

ITZY Gets More Breakthrough With Another Music Video

ITZY's LOCO music video will soon follow in Wannabe's footsteps.


In November, JYP Entertainment confirmed that the girl group's music video for LOCO surpassed 100 million views in just 58 days. It follows five previous music videos that already surpassed the mark – Dalla Dalla, Icy, Wannabe, Not Shy, and In the morning.

On top of these, ITZY is also scheduled to make a Japan debut with the Japanese album IT'z ITZY.

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