My Name Director Kim Jin Min Gears Up For Upcoming Netflix Project, The Fool at the End of the World

Credit: NETFLIX ASIA/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: NETFLIX ASIA/YouTube Screenshot

My Name director Kim Jin Min will offer another binge-worthy series again through Netflix soon.

Since 2003, director Kim Jin Min has been gracing South Korea's TV and film industry with different award-winning flicks – from Forever Love to God of War and Lawless Lawyer. After helming more than 10 flicks over the years, he scored the chance to direct the Netflix Originals series.

For two consecutive years since 2019, Kim Jin Min shared his expertise and skills to create more Korean dramas for the streaming giant. Starting with Extracurricular to the recently wrapped up series My Name. Both flicks received critical responses and earned high audience viewership locally and abroad.

As the year 2022 draws near, the director hinted he would soon come back to lead another potentially-hit Korean series, The Fool at the End of the World.

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Director Kim Jin Min To Spearhead The Fool at the End of the World

On Monday, Netflix (as per Korea Times) announced the director's return to helm a new sci-fi series.

The Fool at the End of the World is adapted from the novel of the same name by Kotaro Isaka. It follows the story of people who are bombarded with a natural disaster. In the series, NASA confirms that an asteroid is traveling towards the Earth and would cause a collision to happen after 280 days. The Korean Peninsula is said to be one of the regions that would suffer following the impact.

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The citizens then lose their minds as they try to escape death by leaving the country and finding shelter in another land.

Director Kim Jin Min reportedly works with Secret Affair and How Long I've Kissed writer Jung Sung Ju.

The Fool at the End of the World Details So Far

Naver reported earlier this month that the series will not be available to watch on Netflix until it arrives sometime in 2023.

As for the cast members, Yoo Ah In and Ahn Eun Jin are the only confirmed members so far. Yoo Ah In is no longer a stranger to working for Netflix, as he previously appeared in other award-winning shows Hellbound and the 2020 zombie horror film, #Alive.

Meanwhile, Ahn Eun Jin already starred in several Netflix Originals, as well, playing the role of Chu Min Ha on Hospital Playlist and Moo Young on Kingdom.

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