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BAP Former Member Yoo Young Jae Lands First Leading Role on Chun Jeong Ji Ran

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BAP former member Yoo Young Jae successfully scored his first-ever leading role in an upcoming BL webtoon-based series, Chun Jeong Ji Ran.

Yoo Young Jae is one of the living proofs that a K-pop idol can shift his career in the acting industry. Initially, he debuted in the six-member boy group in 2012 before its unexpected disbandment in 2019. Even after the group broke up, he still pursued his music career by releasing his mini-album Fancy in the same year.

He then made sidelines in several films and series, appearing on Woman of 9.9 Billion, Mr. Queen, and Police University.

In 2022, Yoo Young Jae will finally do a lead role for a TV adaptation of the BL webtoon series, Chun Jeong Ji Ran.

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Yoo Young Jae To Star In New Drama Series

On Monday, multiple Korean outlets revealed that the K-pop idol had been selected to play the lead role on a BL (boys' love) webtoon-based series.

Chun Jeong Ji Ran tells the romance story of three young men, which begins when one of them dresses up as a woman and gets married to remove his social status as a slave. Yoo Young Jae will play the role of Jin Geum Sung, a scholar who has an upright character but gets the nickname "the cold and handsome man."

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He is left shocked when his family tells him he should marry the third daughter of the Choi Family.

"I will be greeting viewers as Jin Geum Sung, whose serious personality and diverse talents set him apart from the playful and clumsy Kim Hwan," he said, as quoted by Soompi. The idol previously played the role of Kim Hwan on Mr. Queen.

Chung Jeong Ji Ran will reportedly premiere in the first half of 2022.

What Happened To Yoo Young Jae, BAP?

The good news for Yoo Young Jae came years after his boy group disbanded. With their bad boy and pretty boy images, they earned popularity in Korea and Japan.

BAP famously went against EXO in 2012 for the Rookie of the Year award. The neck-to-neck battle even led to a heated argument between their fandoms. A year later, BTS joined the clash and made the contest way harder.

However, among them, BAP got even more popular when they released their fifth EP, One Shot. Everything was in favor of them not until the November 2014 lawsuit happened. The boy group filed a lawsuit against its agency due to alleged mistreatment and unfair profit distribution. Although everything was settled in 2015, they found it hard to regain their popularity as more boy groups debuted.

Yoo Young Jae and the other members have already found new paths, but their fandom ensures they are still with them even years after the disbandment.

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