Joseon Attorney Episode 1 Release Date and Time, Preview

Credit: MBCdrama/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: MBCdrama/YouTube Screenshot

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March is filled with new Kdramas coming, and Joseon Attorney is one of the most anticipated ones!

Starring Woo Do Hwan, WJSN Bona, and Cha Hak Yeon, the upcoming MBC Kdrama Joseon Attorney depicts the story of an eojibu (attorney from the Joseon Dynasty) who takes revenge on the people who took his parents' lives through a trial.

His purpose of being an attorney starts with the purpose of getting revenge. However, he gradually becomes one of the best ones who care for the people and fairly judges those who did wrong.

Here is the release date, time, and preview of Joseon Attorney Episode 1.

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Joseon Attorney Episode 1 Release Date

Joseon Attorney Episode 1 is scheduled to be released on March 31. The series will air every Friday and Saturday on MBC. On which international streaming sites it will air is still unknown.

Rest assured that EpicStream will update this article if the series is also confirmed to be available for online streaming on either Viki, Viu, Disney Plus, or Netflix.

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Joseon Attorney Episode 1 Release Time

Replacing Kokdu: Season of Deity, Joseon Attorney Episode 1 will be released at 9:50 PM KST on March 31, Friday.

If this timeline is strictly followed, we can expect Joseon Attorney Episode 1 to be released according to the different time zones.

  • Central Time: 6:50 AM (March 8)
  • Greenwich Mean Time: 12:50 PM (March 8)
  • Eastern Time: 7:50 AM (March 8)
  • Pacific Time: 4:50 AM (March 8)
  • Philippine Time: 8:50 PM (March 8)

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Joseon Attorney Episode 1 Preview

Joseon Attorney Episode 1 sees the introduction of the main characters in the series, Kang Han-Soo, Lee Yeon-Joo, and Yoo Ji-Sun. The pilot episode will probably focus on Kang Han-Soo's story as he uses all kinds of ways to execute his revenge.

On the other hand, Lee Yeon-Joo's vital role in this mission as she also gets involved with Yoo Ji-Sun as a potential lover.

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