Johnny Depp Shock: Did Bella Hadid, Elle Fanning, Orlando Bloom & More Unlike The Actor’s Post Celebrating His Win Against Amber Heard?

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Johnny Depp won against his ex-wife, Amber Heard, in a lengthy court battle after the latter was proven guilty of defaming the actor. After the verdict was made, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor posted a message on his social media account where he said that the jury finally gave him his life back after six long years.

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Johnny Depp’s Post-Trial Message On Social Media Earned Millions Of Likes

At the time, several A-listers flocked to Johnny Depp’s social media page to like his post as their way of showing the actor their support. In fact, the actor’s message earned millions of likes from his fans and fellow actors, while Heard’s post only received over 400,000 likes.

But according to Twitter user @k4mil1a, some of these celebrities have unliked the actor’s post. However, it’s unclear why this was the case.


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Several Celebrities That Liked Johnny Depp’s Post Unliked It Weeks Later

According to The Independent, some celebrities that liked Depp’s previous post and then unliked it include Elle Fanning, Bella Hadid, Orlando Bloom, Robert Downey Jr., Zoey Deutch, Sophie Turner, Joey King, McKenna Grace, Bruce Campbell, Jennifer Coolidge, Christina Hendricks, Riley Keough, and Sam Fender.


Fender received criticisms after he shared a photo of himself with Depp at a Newcastle pub right after a verdict was made. The musician was accused of being disrespectful, so he immediately took down his post and apologized to the fans.

Still, it’s unclear if Fender’s decision to unlike Depp’s post had something to do with the shade that he received.

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Unsealed Documents Won’t Reportedly Do Johnny Depp Any Favor


Depp and Heard once again made headlines weeks after the jury reached a verdict because the documents related to their case were unsealed.

The contents of the unsealed documents never made it to court after Depp and Heard’s teams were advised not to mention them.

According to Rolling Stone, Depp’s fans were the reason why the documents were unsealed. They reportedly raised $10,000 in a matter of hours to fund the $3,300 cost of the unsealed documents.

The publication spoke with legal experts so that they could share their thoughts about the unsealing of the documents. Brett Ward, a family attorney from New York, said that the decision to unveil the documents did not do Depp any favors.

“Absolutely it was worse for Johnny. Johnny Depp’s team won some key pretrial legal rulings. Overall, because he had better rulings during the pretrial portion of the case, the stuff that he kept out hurts him more. The totality of the material now looks worse for him,” he said.

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