Jeon So Min Heartbreak: Actress Hits Back At Fan Who Told Her To Leave Running Man

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Jeon So Min is not still loved by everyone years after she became part of Running Man.

Running Man is a decade-old program that has been serving a unique variety of games to its viewers. Initially, it was an urban action variety that popularized the nametag elimination. But it changed and became a reality-variety show that focuses on games.

After losing Lee Kwang Soo and Kang Gary, Yang Se Chan, and Jeon So Min joined the cast of Running Man as Running Mates.


But years after becoming part of the hit show, the Cleaning Up actress received a hate comment from a viewer.

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Jeon So Min Was Asked To Leave Running Man

Jeon So Min uploaded behind-the-scenes videos of the SBS show on Instagram. In the caption, she asked fans to watch the program and her ongoing drama, Cleaning Up.


However, a viewer suddenly left the comment “Please, get out of Running Man” soon after she posted the clips. Instead of responding to it, she pinned the comment instead and let her fans do the talking.

Her supporters made sure Jeon So Min would not feel down by the comment by leaving her positive messages.

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"I can't picture a single 'Running Man' episode without you. Ignore the haters, unnie!", "Why are they still doing this hassle? She is the funniest among the members,” one said, with another adding, “She is so cute and funny in the show.”

Before the hater urged her to leave the show, her fans got worried earlier this year due to signs that she might be exiting the program.

Did Jeon So Min Almost Leave Running Man?

In February, her fans were shocked after the actress shared a photo of a farewell cake on her Instagram Stories. The cake, per The Strait Times, also had the Korean text that translates to, "Thank you for being a part of Running Man for so long.”


She also sparked a similar buzz due to her absence while recovering from the foot surgery she underwent in January.

But the Running Man member also uploaded photos together with the cast members.

As Jeon So Min plays a huge role in the show, her fans only wishes her to stay as long as she can in the show.

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