Nam Joo Hyuk Bullying Scandal: Dispatch Releases Investigation Results After Interviewing Actor's Former Classmates, Teachers

Credit: CHRISTIAN DIOR/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: CHRISTIAN DIOR/YouTube Screenshot

Nam Joo Hyuk’s former classmates and teachers spoke up during Dispatch’s investigation into the bullying allegations.

Bullying scandals against idols and actors have continuously surfaced in the past years. While others are proven true, some of the accusations eventually turn out to be false allegations.

For Nam Joo Hyuk’s part, two alleged classmates claimed that they were bullied by the actor. One of which was already charged because of the accusation.

While the Management SOOP had already dismissed the claims, Dispatch still conducted its own investigation and interviewed Nam Joo Hyuk’s classmates and teachers to know the truth.

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Is Nam Joo Hyuk Really a Bully?

Dispatch released the official results of the probe after talking to Nam Joo Hyuk’s 18 classmates and two teachers.

"When school violence accusations are made, evidence such as a history of School Violence Committee and student records that reveal school bullying can put weight on the claims of the accusers. Nevertheless, just because the accuser posts only a graduation yearbook does not mean their claims can be simply brushed off,” it said.

The first part of the independent investigation involved cross-checking the claims of Victims A and B.

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Dispatch also released the names of the individuals it interviewed for the investigation. The 18 classmates included Seo Seok Hoon, Lee, Shin, Park, H, L, Shin, Park, H, L, Shin, S1, S2, Kim, Jo Bu Hyung, Lee, Park, Son, Y1, Y2, J, and H.

Meanwhile, Park Tae Gyu (first-year homeroom teacher) and Hong Sung Man (third-year homeroom teacher) also got involved in the probe.

All the individuals, per Dispatch, said that the claims were false. They also shared their own accounts to prove that Nam Joo Hyuk is innocent.

Nam Joo Hyuk Defended By Former Classmates

In Dispatch’s reports, the actor’s former schoolmates and teachers described him as a kind man who liked sports. They also explained that he was actually the one who managed his classmates and interacted with them.

"Nam Joo Hyuk was a student who would tell everyone 'Guys, let's be quiet,' if his classmates were being noisy. If someone was fighting, he would mediate the two and say 'let's not fight guys.' I don't know what misunderstanding the accuser had but Nam Joo Hyuk is not a kid who was a bully,” his teacher, Park Tae Gyu, said.

As for the “sparring” that Nam Joo Hyuk led, his classmates explained that the actor only joked around and played wrestling. They also defended that they never heard him become part of such an issue when they were in high school.

Nam Joo Hyuk’s agency has not responded to the investigation results yet.

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