Jessi Announces Departure From Agency P Nation

Credit: JESSI OFFICIAL/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: JESSI OFFICIAL/YouTube Screenshot

Jessi wants to explore the industry more without P Nation.

From being a famous rapper because of Mnet’s hip-hop competition program, Unpretty Rapstar, Jessi went on to expand her career as a soloist by appearing in more shows while releasing new songs.

In the past years, she famously appeared in High School Rapper and Cap-teen before recently finding her newfound love — variety programs. The rapper became a regular in Sixth Sense after her regular appearances in Running Man and Hangout With Yoo.

Jessi even made history by becoming the first artist to sign with P Nation. But she recently ended her connection with the agency.

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Jessi Leaves P Nation

P Nation released a statement (via Naver) on July 6, confirming that it parted ways with Jessi.

It disclosed that its exclusive contract with the ZOOM hitmaker recently expired. Still, it assured to continuously support Jessi and her future endeavors.

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“Being with P NATION since the beginning until now as P NATION’s first artist, Jessi has secured her position as an artist who is loved by more fans through her warm passion and endless efforts. That process and her achievements became positive and enjoyable sources of motivation for every member of P NATION,” the statement went on.

Before leaving the agency, she was still able to collaborate with other artists, including Kang Daniel, Sunmi, and Ed Sheeran.

Jessi Dismisses Retirement Rumors

After P Nation’s announcement, several posts online claimed that the rapper would also retire from the industry.

However, Jessi immediately dismissed the claims and said that she would continue performing. She also addressed the buzz that she left P Nation on bad terms, clarifying that she loved the company “for life.”

With the continuous issues, she asked everyone for space and privacy while preparing herself for a new journey.

“Respectfully… please give me some time to collect my thoughts and breathe a bit.. (I haven’t rested since 2005) but one thing for sure is that this GIRL is NOT retiring. I’m only getting started. Thank you Jebbies [Jessi’s fandom] for your unconditional love and support.. And lastly love you P NATION for life,” she wrote on Instagram.

Jessi is set to come to Manila in September for her first concert in the country.

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