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Former MOMOLAND Member Daisy Reveals Truth About Her Allegedly Leaving the Girl Group

Credit: ARIRANG K-POP/YouTube Screenshot

Daisy, a former member of MOMOLAND, spoke up about her time as a member of the girl group.

In the beginning, MOMOLAND had seven members — Nancy, Ahin, JooE, Jane, Nayun, Hyebin, and Yeonwoo — after appearing in the TV show Finding Momoland. Daisy and Taeha eventually joined the year after the latter’s appearance on Produce 101.

However, Daisy — like some of the members — had a short-term career with the girl group, but her reason was worse than others.

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Daisy Reveals Truth About Her Time With MOMOLAND

In March 2019, MOMOLAND’s agency MLD Entertainment released a statement saying that Daisy would not participate in the I’m So Hot comeback. It promised the fans that she would return in the group’s next album, but it never happened at all.

Finally, Daisy broke her silence again during her live broadcast on TikTok, disclosing that she did not voluntarily left MOMOLAND. Instead, MLD Entertainment fired her.

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“Guys, for the love of God, I did not leave, I was fired. Fired. Okay?” she said, as quoted by Xportsnews. “That’s why—I don’t know. Like, if I knew, I would have probably un-fired myself? So…”

Her live broadcast was also reposted on several social media sites, including Twitter.

It resonated with what she revealed about KBS and MLD Entertainment. Per the idol, she wanted to promote again in May 2019 but did not receive a chance since then.

Daisy’s Issue With KBS, MLD Entertainment Explored

It all started when reports about her dating rumors with iKON’s Yunhyeong emerged. At that time, MLD Entertainment confirmed their relationship.

However, YG Entertainment eventually dismissed the claims and said that, while Yunhyeong and Daisy really met a couple of times, they were not together at all.

Months later, KBS divulged that Daisy requested termination of her contract. But MLD Entertainment demanded a $943,330 penalty in damages.

“[The agency] has to prove that they carried out their duties properly, that the artist aims to unilaterally break their contract, and that they have really violated their contract,” KBS advisory lawyer Yang Seung Kook said.

It resulted in a lawsuit, and the verdict was in favor of Daisy.

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