Jennifer Lopez Livid at Ben Affleck's Face at the Grammys? JLo Reportedly Urged Jennifer Garner's Ex-husband to Be On His Best Behavior Since Looking Madly in Love Is Part of Their Branding

Credit: WMTV/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: WMTV/YouTube Screenshot

Earlier this month, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez made headlines due to their opposite energy at the Grammys. Some claimed that the Batman star looked miserable, and she seemingly snapped at him at one point.

Jennifer Lopez Wanted Ben Affleck To Stick With Their Brand?

Anonymous sources told Heat World that the Let's Get Loud singer was not thrilled seeing her husband's unhappy face at the Grammys because by doing so, he was tarnishing their brand. That was reportedly the reason she was caught seemingly snapping at him on camera.

"Jen was livid when she saw the faces Ben was making during the show," the source said.

"She knows it’s part of their brand to be seen looking madly in love, so she snapped at him and told him he needed to be on his best behaviour."

In the video, a lip reader claimed that Lopez told the Gone Girl star during what seemed to be a brief, tense exchange to "Stop. Look more friendly. Loo motivated."

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Affleck replied, "I might."

However, the source claimed that Lopez' controlling nature was already getting into Jennifer Garner's ex-husband.

"Jen's controlling streak is really starting to get to him," the tipster added.

"He was really embarrassed caught on video having the riot act read to him by his wife. It was humiliating. He's desperate for a bit more independence but also knows this is his bed, he's got to lie in it. Divorce is absolutely not an option."

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Jennifer Lopez Dismissed Rumors About Their Marriage From Grammys

JLo seemingly dismissed the various speculations about their marriage following their sighting at the Grammys. The Marry Me star shared a video of their highlights from the event and shut down the rumors that they had a fight.

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"Always the best time with my love, my husband," she wrote in the caption with a white heart emoji.

Jennifer Lopez clapped back again at the rumors by sharing the teaser of Affleck's upcoming flick Air. Affleck starred and directed the movie with his BFF Matt Damon.

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Lopez added a cover photo in the trailer featuring Affleck's face looking serious with a caption that read "My husband's happy face," which appeared to be her response to the rumors that Affleck wasn't happy at the Grammys because he looked miserable.

What do you think of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's marriage? Are they having a problem with her alleged controlling nature, or are they just doing fine, as JLo suggests?

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.

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