Jennifer Garner Shock: Ben Affleck’s Ex Tied The Knot With John Miller In A Private Ceremony At Home? Baby-Planning Reportedly Ongoing

Credit: CBS Sunday Morning/YouTube

Credit: CBS Sunday Morning/YouTube

Jennifer Garner and her boyfriend, John Miller have been dating for quite some time so it’s not unusual for their supporters to want them to seal the deal already.

Last month, the Alias star was photographed with what looked like an engagement ring on her finger, which sparked rumors that Jennifer Garner and Miller could be tying the knot soon.

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Jennifer Garner, John Miller Wedding Rumors

OK! magazine, in its Nov. 15 issue, claimed that Garner and Miller tied the knot in a small and private ceremony at the actress’s home in Los Angeles. The couple’s family and closest friends allegedly attended their big day.

However, the couple decided to keep their wedding a secret from fans because they want to enjoy some privacy.

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Jennifer Garner, John Miller’s Wedding Was Everything That They Wanted?

Even though Garner and Miller’s wedding wasn’t as lavish as what fans would’ve expected, it was still meaningful.

“The backyard was set up beautifully. There were sweet little touches like a pianist playing in the background and floral arrangements scattered around a garden in a variety of colors. It was a simple yet classy affair and everything Jen and John wanted,” an unnamed source claimed.

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No Prenuptial Agreement For Jennifer Garner, John Miller

Prior to the wedding, the couple reportedly talked about their finances and they mutually agreed not to sign a prenup. Since Garner has been in the industry for decades, she doesn’t need her rumored husband’s money.

Miller is also a CEO, and he comes from a well-off family, so he has no interest in Garner’s millions.

“Jen trusts John with her life and vice versa. John is incredibly successful and wealthy in his own right, so there’s nothing for Jen to worry about in that area. Plus, she’s confident that they’ll be spending the rest of their lives together, so there’s no need for a prenup,” the unnamed source explained.

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The Couple Wants To Expand Their Blended Family

Jennifer Garner and Miller are now, allegedly, discussing their honeymoon and baby plans. But they might have to put off the former because the holiday season is fast approaching.

The couple has been traveling with their respective children around the United States, but their actual honeymoon won’t take place until next year.

As for Garner and Miller’s baby-making plans, it’s something that they want to prioritize. But the actress’s upcoming 50th birthday is deterring them from trying to have a baby.

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“Jen has seen what a great father John is, and obviously, Jen’s devotion to her own kids is second to none, so it’s a fairly natural step to think they’ll want to be parents again,” the source concluded.

Multiple publications claimed that Garner sparked engagement rumors after she flashed a huge ring while doing an Instagram Live chat. But upon close inspection, the accessory on the actress’s finger looks nothing like an engagement ring.

So many things have also been saying about Garner and Miller’s relationship throughout the past two years.

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Jennifer Garner, John Miller’s Brief Split

In 2019, a source told Us Weekly that the couple is in similar places and they can relate to each other because they both have children and are divorced.

“They are on the same page and understand where things stand,” a source said.

But just months later, another source claimed that Ben Affleck’s ex-wife wanted to take things slow, and they eventually called it quits.

Garner seemingly confirmed the stories about her split when she opened up about the struggles of dating in the spotlight.

“If it’s true and you are starting to be serious with someone and they start saying, ‘Well, when are they gonna be engaged?’ It’s almost like you just want to get there so that you can complete that and just maybe it will die down for a second. And then it’s immediately, ‘Trouble in paradise.’ And it becomes almost a self-fulfilling prophecy,” she said on the Tell Me More With Kelly Corrigan.

Earlier this year, Jennifer Garner and Miller got back together. But as of late, they are still not married or engaged.

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