Jennifer Coolidge Net Worth: How Successful Has The White Lotus Star Become?

Credit: Variety/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Variety/YouTube Screenshot

Jennifer Coolidge has been conquering the small screens today, thanks to her recent roles in The White Lotus Season 2 and The Watcher. At 61, she’s probably one of the most famous actresses on TV today, defying the odds that come with this age in Hollywood, especially in women.

So, how successful has Coolidge’s career become today, and how much net worth has she amassed?

The Life and Career of Jennifer Coolidge

The actress is primarily noted as a character actor for her comedic roles in TV and movies.

Of course, she’s famously known for being Stifler’s mom in the American Pie and Legally Blonde movies.

She’s also a regular in Christopher Guest’s mockumentary films, like Best in Show, A Mighty Wind, For Your Consideration, and Mascots.

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For starters, she was part of The Groundlings, an improv and sketch comedy troupe in L.A.

Since she started in the business in the early 1990s, she has done several movies, such as A Cinderella Story, American Dreamz, Like a Boss, Promising Young Woman, and more.

TV-wise, she’s known for her role as Bobbie in Joey, Betty in The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Sophie in 2 Broke Girls, and Tanya in The White Lotus.

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Her latter role earned her critical acclaim and won an Emmy and a Critics’ Choice Award and also got her several nominations. She also recently appeared in Netflix’s The Watcher.

With these to her name, Coolidge is now worth $6 million.

Jennifer Coolidge Defying the Odds at 61

Meanwhile, Coolidge has been living proof that there’s nothing that great talent, confidence, wit, and charisma can’t do, per Den of Geek.

Hollywood has been known for only favoring young women, but she has been evidently defying the odds with her age.

Thanks to her comedic skills, she has continuously shined from her younger years until today.

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Though she’s probably known for her role in the cult classic American Pie movie series, she remains well-received 20 years later.

In fact, she recently won a major award and has been receiving nominations here and there.

That said, Coolidge still has a long way to go.

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