George R.R. Martin Net Worth: The Successful Career and Wealth of the A Song of Ice and Fire Author

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Credit: GameofThrones/YouTube Screenshot

The name George R.R. Martin will only bring one thing to mind, Game of Thrones. The author is famous for his renowned novel series A Song of Ice and Fire, which HBO adapted into a hit TV series.

With this success, among his many other famous books, Martin has been dubbed “America’s Tolkien.” As one of the most influential people in the world, take a glimpse at the novelist’s successful career and his huge net worth.

George R.R. Martin’s Career

Aside from being a novelist, the 74-year-old is also a screenwriter, TV producer, and short story writer.

He’s popularly known for his brainchild A Song of Ice and Fire and other books about the series, like Fire & Blood, which is adapted into another TV series, House of the Dragon.

He has also helped develop other book series, such as Wild Cards, and contributed to worldbuilding for the 2022 video game Elden Ring.

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Time’s Lev Grossman named Martin the “American Tolkien” in 2005. He then became a part of the annual Time 100 list of the most influential people in the world in 2011.

As a longtime citizen of Santa Fe, New Mexico, the city celebrates March 29 as George R.R. Martin Day.

Martin also owns the Jean Cocteau Cinema.

George R.R. Martin’s Earnings and Net Worth

With his TV shows and book sales, Martin can earn about $25 million a year. In fact, his per-season paycheck from HBO is a whopping $15 million.

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It just means that for the eight-season Game of Thrones, he received around $200 million, which might even grow over time due to future spinoffs.

Today, Martin is worth $120 million.

The Winds of Winter Update

Martin recently gave an update about the much-awaited sixth A Song of Ice and Fire book, The Winds of Winter.

In an interview with the animated version of another famed author James Patterson, Martin has already written about a thousand to 1,200 pages of the long-awaited novel in the past 11 years.

However, he still has to finish 400 to 500 pages to complete it.

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He also revealed that he’s still writing using his trusty DOS machine, which runs WordStar.

"Try something else, then, because that's not working," Martin said.

So, when will he finally finish The Winds of Winter? Well, it remains to be seen until today.

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