Jennifer Aniston Heartbreak: Matthew Perry Jealous Of Friends Co-Star’s Rise To Fame? Actor’s Drug Use Made Him Forgetful

Credit: HBO Max/YouTube

Credit: HBO Max/YouTube

Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry worked together for several years in Friends. On and off screen, the co-stars seemed close. However, there are recent claims that Perry has always been jealous of Aniston. Since the actor is gearing for a lucrative tell-all, fans are convinced that Perry will expose the dirt on his former co-stars even if it results in their relationships falling apart for good.

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Matthew Perry Jealous Of Jennifer Aniston

OK! magazine, in its Nov. 22 issue, claimed that Perry has always been jealous of Aniston’s popularity. An unnamed source claimed that when Friends started, all the main cast members were on equal footing that’s why they didn’t have a hard time developing a close bond.

However, after the show was renewed for Season 2, it became evident that Aniston earned herself a much bigger following.

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“Jennifer Aniston became the breakout star and even though Matthew had a successful film career going on too, he could never achieve what she had. Jen wouldn’t give him the time of day, and Matt felt abandoned,” an unnamed source claimed.

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Matthew Perry Wanted To Date Courteney Cox

Other than Aniston, Perry also, allegedly, has a strained relationship with his Friends co-star, Courteney Cox. After all, Perry has always been interested in Cox, but the actress ended up marrying David Arquette. And the fact that the actors played the role of an onscreen couple didn’t help.

After all, it allegedly convinced Perry that their chemistry on and off screen was off the charts even when it wasn’t.

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“The timing was never in Matthew’s favor so he just had to admire Courteney from a distance,” the unnamed source claimed.

Friends Cast Members Rallied Behind Matthew Perry

But despite the actor’s rumored desire to expose some of his Friends co-stars, most of them reached out to him after Perry was criticized following his appearance in the reunion special.

“Matthew’s behavior has worried the Friends cast for years. Courteney reached out to him after the reunion to see if he’s OK, but he avoided her calls. He’s finding some solace in writing. It’s been cathartic for Matthew. The hope is that this book will give him the closure he desperately needs,” the unnamed source concluded.

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Matthew Perry Doesn’t Remember Much Of His Past Due To His Addiction

National Enquirer, in its Nov. 22 issue, published a similar story about Matthew Perry and his Friends co-stars. An unnamed source alleged that Aniston should be the most worried one among the group because Perry has the most things to say about her.

However, Perry’s previous drugs and alcohol addiction has, allegedly, resulted in the actor becoming forgetful. So, there are reportedly times when he can’t clearly recount what happened to him and his co-stars on the set of Friends.

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“Matthew is going to try to set the record straight, but he’s having a tough time remembering much of his past because he was often so baked off the brains,” the unnamed source alleged.

The unnamed source concluded its claims by saying that writing his memoir has been therapeutic and traumatic for Perry at the same time. After all, he can’t fathom how he allowed himself to be such a mess for years.

“The big hope is that this helps him finally turn things around,” the unnamed source concluded.

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Matthew Perry Signs Seven-Figure Book Deal

Perry’s memoir was first announced last month, and all the reputable sources that reported on it didn’t call it a tell-all. The latter has a negative connotation, but this isn’t what Perry intends to do.

According to Vanity Fair, Perry is writing a candid memoir about Friends and his addiction. The actor will also, reportedly, inject his humor into his memoir, which suggests that it will be filled with hilarious anecdotes about his time on the show.

“We need humor, we need catharsis, and we need to agree on something–and Matthew’s extraordinary story, told in his inimitable voice, is that thing. Matthew’s book has unrivaled potential to bring people together, which feels especially galvanizing right now, a time of isolation and division,” Megan Lynch, the publisher of Flatiron Books, said in a press release.

According to Deadline, Perry signed a seven-figure deal with Flatiron Books to release his memoir next year. The publication also noted that Perry’s upcoming memoir is the first one ever to be released from a Friends cast member.

Where Is Jennifer Aniston’s Tell-All?

Throughout the past couple of years, there have also been rumors claiming that Aniston will be releasing a tell-all and a memoir. Some publications claimed that the actress’s memoir will detail her relationship with her ex-husband, Brad Pitt. Others alleged that Pitt will join his ex-wife in a tell-all interview. However, none of these rumors materialized because all the reports were inaccurate.

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