Jennie, Hoyeon Relationship: How Close Is BLACKPINK Member To Squid Game Actress?

Credit: Netflix’s Official YouTube Channel

Credit: Netflix’s Official YouTube Channel

BLACKPINK Jennie and Squid Game actress Jung Hoyeon are closer than what people knew.

Following the success of Netflix's survival series, Squid Game, fans became curious about player 067's identity. The character, Kang Sae Byeok, is a North Korean woman who joins the thrilling game to make her family complete again and get her younger brother out of an orphanage.

The actress behind the commendable character, Jung Hoyeon, immediately garnered the viewers' attention due to her acting performance in the series.

BLACKPINK Jennie and Jung Hoyeon Are Friends

After appearing on Squid Game, fans quickly searched for her social media accounts and found out that she is close to BLACKPINK member, Jennie.

Although Jennie works in the music industry and Hoyeon is in the Korean fashion scene, the two grew closer together. They often take pictures together and support their projects.

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The actress reportedly attends all BLACKPINK concerts, while Jennie unceasingly supported her during the filming and after the release of Squid Game. Most recently, Hoyeon surprised their fans by sharing a photo of her and Jennie when the BLACKPINK member visited the set.

Aside from being Jennie's friend and a part of the hit Netflix series, Hoyeon already established her name when she landed on "Korea's Next Top Model 4." She even attended Seoul Fashion Week for several years without help from any modeling agency.

As of the writing, Hoyeon is one of the talents under Esteem Models, one of the countries biggest modeling agencies.

Jennie's Relationship With Another "Squid Game" Star

Jennie’s Relationship To Squid Game Actress
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Apart from Hoyeon, the BLACKPINK singer reportedly has a special relationship with Lee Jung Jae, the lead star of the series.

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During her appearance on Knowing Brothers, the 25-year-old rapper revealed that her name was derived from Jung Jae's name. Her mother is reportedly a fan of Jung Jae, particularly his character, Baek Jaehee, in the movie "Sandglass."

After watching the film, Jennie's mother reportedly aimed to name her son Jaehee. However, she gave birth to a daughter instead.

Due to her love for Jung Jae, the matriarch thought of a feminine name that sounds like the character's name and ended up naming her daughter "Jennie."

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