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Jared Leto Joins the Morbius Meme Online Trend by 'Announcing' a Sequel

For the past few weeks, Morbius has been a subject of online memes to the point that Sony decided to re-release the film in more than 1,000 theaters last weekend (which resulted in flopping at the box office). Whether you like the film or not, you have to appreciate the fun discussions and jokes that fans are having online and it looks like Morbius himself has also joined the trend.

Jared Leto recently posted a video on Twitter where he is seen reading a script in secret. That script turned out to be for Morbius 2: It's Morbin' Time written by "Bartholomew Cubbins." Obviously, the Oscar-winning actor is just joking in his post and is showing that he is aware that his film has become a subject of memes online and decided to chime in and contribute as well.

You can check the actor's post below:

It is hilarious that Leto has joined the trend and showed his awareness of how the film has become a subject of memes even though it's not necessarily in a positive manner. Either way, it looks like he appreciated that it is getting some sort of publicity and trended online for right or wrong reasons.

However, despite this online trend, Morbius is still a badly reviewed film with the Rotten Tomatoes score currently at 17% and it flopped again on its re-release as it only managed to nab $85,000 on Friday proving the film's trend only stayed online and it didn't translate to box office numbers which is what Sony was hoping for.

So far, the film is not getting a sequel and it is unlikely now that it will happen given the box office and critical responses and the online meme trend didn't equate to any monetary value.

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Morbius is currently available to watch on VOD platforms.

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