James Gunn Addresses Robert Pattinson's Rumored Batman TV Cameo

As fans are anticipating the release of The Batman 2 in 2025, there have been rumors that Robert Pattinson will be making his detour first for a cameo appearance in the spinoff series The Penguin, which recently just started filming. However, so far, the scoop remains a rumor since nobody involved in the series has confirmed it.

A recent report also emerged online which claims that Pattinson's cameo appearance as Batman in the TV series might not happen due to claims that the TV rights for the character are allegedly in a "legal limbo" involving Fox, Disney, and a trio of mergers.

With all these confusions going around the web, fans are wondering which ones are actually true. Fortunately, we have the answer as DC Studios co-chief James Gunn responded to a tweet from Twitter user @thebatfilm regarding the TV rights issue and clarified that it is not true at all.

In a follow-up question from a fan that asked if his response is in regards to the TV rights issue or Pattinson's rumored appearance in the spinoff series, Gunn clarified that it was about the former. "The rights issue is not true," he answered.

While Gunn didn't confirm Pattinson's alleged appearance in The Penguin, it sounds like there is some merit to the rumor since he didn't outright deny the scoop and assured fans that the character's TV rights are not facing any "legal limbo" that the online rumors suggested.

In other words, the spinoff series is allowed to include Pattinson's Batman for a cameo appearance since there is no legal entanglement going on and nobody has denied the rumor, even someone in the higher-ups of DC.

For now, all we can do is wait and see whether Pattinson's cameo appearance will eventually be confirmed by DC or anyone involved in the production. Based on what we've seen so far, it looks like the sign is heading towards the truth and it won't be surprising at this point if that is indeed actually the case.

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HBO Max has not set a release window yet for The Penguin. You can check more details about it here.

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