DC Studios Accused of Sabotaging Zack Snyder's DC Tease with Superman: Legacy Announcement

Credit: DC

Credit: DC

Despite the franchise heading towards a fresher creative route, the controversy surrounding DC and Zack Snyder has yet to reach its end, it seems. DC Studios is being accused of trying to sabotage the Justice League director's intriguing announcement after studio co-CEO James Gunn confirmed that he's helming the upcoming Superman reboot. The bombshell announcements came only hours apart.

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On Wednesday, Snyder made a cryptic tease on his Twitter account, urging fans to mark the dates April 28, 29, and 30 for a special DC-related announcement. The message was conveyed by none other than Lord Darkseid himself and understandably, it left fans in a state of frenzy.

Several hours after the teaser was dropped, Gunn would then take to the social media platform to confirm that he's directing Superman: Legacy, something that was previously spoiled by DC Comics writer Tom King.

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While it may look like a mere coincidence to some, a lot of folks are convinced that Gunn's Superman: Legacy announcement was purposely done by the studio to overshadow Snyder's mystery announcement.

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As it stands, Snyder has yet to react to Gunn's epic announcement but despite the malicious narrative some fans have been attempting to push, there looks to be no bad blood between the two directors who collaborated in 2021's soft reboot of The Suicide Squad.

In fact, Zack has been openly supportive of James and co-CEO Peter Safran and their creative vision for the revamped DC Universe. Gunn, on the other hand, has also expressed his desire to work with Snyder in the future although he claims that his proposition was turned down.

Superman: Legacy is currently scheduled for a theatrical release on July 11, 2025.

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