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James Cameron Breaks Down How Avatar 2’s Jake and Neytiri Change: ‘They Have a Duty To Survive’

James Cameron has been hyping up his upcoming Avatar sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water, and even reveals more of what went on behind the scenes: from having a longer run time to scrapping the original sequel script to breaking down how Jake and Neytiri will change in Avatar 2.

Part of what towers over the plot of Avatar: The Way of Water is the growing family of Jake and Neytiri protecting their family against an arising new threat in Pandora. The Avatar 2 director expounds on that on Entertainment Weekly. Read his full comment below:

“Becoming a parent changes so much of your behavior and your value system. What we saw in the first film were people who were fearless. Jake would throw himself off his kirin onto a leonopteryx (creature featured in Avatar) but is a father of four going to do that? Probably not, because they have a duty to survive.”

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While sequels normally portray an extension of the pre-existing world in its predecessor, in the case of Avatar: The Way of Water, it also extend the relationship of Jake and Neytiri, as well as their responsibility as ‘new’ parents. James Cameron reiterates this ‘change’ may affect their decision-making in terms of risking their life vs. protecting the children first.

“It doesn’t mean he’s a coward, but it means his priorities change.”

Cameron went on to pose different questions as to how Jake and Neytiri’s family will ultimately change their role and identity in the upcoming sequel, perhaps even teasing the main conflict that would surround the characters once faced with the problem.

“He’s trying to keep his kids alive and trying to adjust his own life. Is he still a warrior? Are these young boys who are 14, 15, 16, coming up, getting all excited about wanting to go to war and fight for their people and for their land? How’s [Jake] going to be a hypocrite and hold them back when he has to go do it?”

Excited to watch the Avatar sequel? Avatar: The Way of Water is set to premiere on December 16, 2022.

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