Avatar 2: James Cameron Reveals New Set Photos for the Highly-Anticipated Sequel

It's been twelve years since James Cameron's Avatar was released in theaters, and now, it looks like we're getting closer to finally seeing more of Pandora thanks to the new photos from the set of the highly-anticipated Avatar 2.

Avatar 2
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Credit: 20th Century Studios
Avatar 2

The new Avatar 2 set photos were revealed by EW, who talked to Cameron about the journey to create the Avatar sequels. One photo gives us a look at Cameron standing alongside Edie Falco's General Ardmore standing in the flight deck of a dragon gunship from the first film. The photos also share a look at Avatar 2's ambitious underwater performance capture scenes. Check out the photos here:

Cameron said the process was "kind of crazy", which isn't surprising since the sequel entered planning phases way back in 2012. The situation of the sci-fi franchise is also unique because we already know that multiple sequels are coming within the next decade, and that the films cost $1 billion to produce (about $250 million per film).

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Avatar 2 had wrapped filming in September 2020, with production on Avatar 3 also coming to a close. At one point, Avatar 2 was set to release this Friday, but its current release date is still December 16, 2022. Avatar 3 is set to release in December 20, 2024; Avatar 4 will be released in December 2026; and Avatar 5 will be out in December 2028.

In addition to these movie projects, Ubisoft is also developing Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora video game that will focus on "world discovery and nature", the developers said. You can check out more details in our everything we know about Avatar 2 so far.

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