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ITZY Yeji Diet 2022: What Group Leader Eats in a Day Revealed

Credit: VIVO TV - 비보티비/YouTube Screenshot

Numerous fans and followers adore ITZY Yeji. Aside from her skills in leadership and talents in singing and dancing, many individuals also admire her for her visuals.

As a K-pop idol, following diet regimens and fitness routines to stay in shape is not new. Some even go to lengths, doing extreme steps in order to maintain their figures or lose weight.

But, in the case of Yeji and the rest of her co-members, they appear to follow healthy practices to stay fit and healthy.

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What ITZY Yeji Eats During Breakfast, Lunch

Koreaboo said the ITZY members once revealed what they eat in a day, including their food preferences. As noted, they shared in detail what their meals are for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks.

The outlet stated that the NOT SHY singers discussed the matter during an interview with Harper's Bazaar. It reportedly came after fans had been curious to know how they stay in shape in terms of their daily meal consumption.

For Yeji, it was said that she typically starts her day with a glass of water. At times, though, she prefers to drink watermelon.

As for lunch, the group leader reportedly consumes meat during this time of the day. But, the most important aspect of the meal was claimed to be her favorite sauces, which are mustard, bean sauce, and mayonnaise.

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Yeji's Choice Of Dinner And Snacks

For dinner, the publication shared that the ITZY member likes to eat a bowl of "crisp and nutritious salad." She was also said to include a little meat on her plate, opting for either chicken breast or wings.

When it comes to snacks, watermelons are reportedly her go-to food. As claimed, she loves them, which likely explains why she sometimes prefers them for her breakfast.

Meanwhile, not all of Yeji's favorite snacks are healthy and nutritious. As it happens, she also loves chips and cookies, according to KpopStarz.

Watch this space for more ITZY Yeji news.

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