BLACKPINK Jennie Has Two Instagram Accounts, And Here's Why

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Credit: BLACKPINK/YouTube Screenshot

BLACKPINK Jennie used to share only one Instagram account with the rest of her groupmates. The quartet’s official feed on the platform came to exist upon their debut in 2016.

The K-pop idols continued to utilize it together for two years. In 2018, though, the four members of the group obtained permission to open their respective personal accounts on the same platform.

For her part, Jennie asked for consent to open another account. She once told fans that she had wanted to have a second Instagram page, which would focus only on her photography.

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SOLO Singer Opened A Second Account In 2019

During a V Live session with their audience, Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé talked about several things about themselves. These include the SOLO artist’s second account on Instagram, according to Koreaboo.

The BLACKPINK vocalist shared that photography is one of her interests. She noted that she wanted to share her work with the world or allow people to take a glimpse of how she sees her surroundings.

With the agency’s approval, the 26-year-old idol went on to open a new account in 2019. She uses the handle, “lesyeuxdenini,” for her photography feed.

To date, the account has already amassed more than 3.4 million followers. While it does not follow anyone back, it features over 160 posts.

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BLACKPINK Jennie And Her Official Personal Instagram Profile

Jennie and the rest of BLACKPINK launched their personal accounts in 2018. Soompi said that this came with their comeback for the year, alongside their mini-album, SQUARE UP.

The K-pop idol’s handle is “jennie ruby jane,” which she has not changed since the launch of the account. It now has over 66.7 million followers, with a total of 851 posts.

With the impressive figures her account has had, Jennie is the second idol with the highest number of followers in the world of K-pop. BLACKPINK co-members Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé come in the first, third, and fourth spots, respectively.

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