ITZY Yeji Suffers Back Injury Ahead 2021 Asia Artist Awards

itzy-heartbreak-member-yeji-fails-to-attend-2021-asia-artist-awards-after-sustaining-back-injury   Featured Image
Credit: JYP ENTERTAINMENT/YouTube Screenshot

itzy-heartbreak-member-yeji-fails-to-attend-2021-asia-artist-awards-after-sustaining-back-injury   Featured Image
Credit: JYP ENTERTAINMENT/YouTube Screenshot

ITZY will join a slew of K-pop artists during this year's Asia Artist Awards.

Star News and Star Continent will finally present the winners of the 2021 Asia Artist Awards. The award-giving body honors dramas, films, and music in Korean entertainment that brought massive contributions to different industries.

It has been confirmed that JYP Entertainment's girl group, ITZY, will join aespa, EVERGLOW, The Boyz, Stray Kids, Seventeen, ENHYPEN, Cosmic Girls, ASTRO, Pentagon, NU'EST, Golden Child, Brave Girls, Momoland, STAYC, and more for this year's ceremony.

However, ITZY's label delivered saddening news and confirmed that the girl group's member, Yeji, would not be present at the event due to a back injury.

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How ITZY Yeji Sustained Back Injury

In a statement released by JYP Entertainment ahead of the scheduled awards night, it confirmed that the K-pop idol suffered from a back injury while pre-recording her supposed performance at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards.

Her doctor reportedly advised her not to commit more physical activities while her injury is yet to mend. As a result, the group and the agency decided to prioritize Yeji's health and make her rest in the next few days or weeks instead.

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"The doctor advised that she minimize her physical activities and get plenty of rest, and so prioritizing the artist's health above all else, we have come to this decision which we hope fans will understand. The agency will continue to do its best toward Yeji's full recovery. Thank you," the statement went on, as translated by AllKpop.

The voting for the 2021 Asia Artist Awards ended on November 15, and fans got the chance to select the deserving groups, soloists, actors, and actresses for the different categories.

ITZY has been nominated for the Popularity Award – Idol Group (Female) on the awards show.

Fans Can Still Connect With Yeji Despite Temporary Leave

For fans who feel upset with Yeji's absence, they can reconnect with her through her one YouTube video on ITZY VLOG. In July, JYP Entertainment uploaded the K-pop idol's vlog, where she shares her daily life as an average person and as an idol.

She might finally pursue her solo career once she comes back, like what Ryujin hinted at before. As JYP's Secret Weapon, Yeji can surely come back stronger for the group and their fans.

For now, MIDZY can wait until the K-pop idol is well and strong to perform again.

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