Billlie Fandom Name: New K-pop Group Finally Decides On What To Call Their Fans

Credit: BILLLIE/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: BILLLIE/YouTube Screenshot

Billlie officially joined the K-pop industry by finally introducing their fandom name.

K-pop groups, including the first generation, have fandom names that have a special meaning related to them. By doing so, they remain connected with their fans in the most intimate and touching way.

Most of the time, announcing the fan club name comes with unveiling the fandom's official color. That way, idols can easily spot their fans in a crowd.

Even rookie groups can come up with a new fandom name immediately. For instance, Billlie became the latest group to announce its fan club name.

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What Is Billlie's Fandom Name?

Nearly a month since the rookie girl group debuted, they already created their fan club name and announced it to fans!

On November 30, Billlie held a broadcast on V-Live and presented all their seven members. The online gathering became a special one for them, and their fans as the group dropped an important announcement about their fan club name.

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Even their official Twitter account announced that Billlie would start calling their fans "Belllie've." The group did not further explain how they made the word or when they decided to use it as their fandom name. However, it is safe to say that they probably have based it on the word "Believe."

Fans instantly rejoiced after the announcement and changed their usernames with something related to the fandom. Billlie, however, has not decided their fandom color yet.

All About Billlie

Billlie first debuted as a six-member group under SM Entertainment's subsidiary label, Mystic Story. Initially, they went by the name Mystic Rookies and introduced Moon Sua, Tsuki, Siyoon, Haram, Haruna, and Sheon as their original members.

Only a few days after their debut, former Girls Planet 999 contestant Kim Su Yeon, who ranked 10th and missed out on her potential debut by one spot. She joined Billlie instead and is expected to be part of the group's next comeback.

Billlie successfully landed on their first K-pop project with an EP titled The Biillage Of Perception: Chapter One. They introduced six tracks to their fans, presenting Flipp!ng a Coin, Flowerld, The Eleventh Day, Everybody's Got a $ECRET, and The Rumor.

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