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Is There a Post Credit Scene in Loki Finale? What Happens in After Credit Scenes?

Credit: Marvel Studios

Warning! This article may contain spoilers for Loki. Read at your own risk!

Albeit being a really short one, it may or may not be considered as a post-credits scene but what was shown in a few seconds after the first credits rolled was a bomb dropped by the creators of the canon series. A major surprise was the cherry on top of the finale episode of Loki and everyone is just as excited as to what comes next.

Is There a Post Credit Scene in Loki Finale? What Happens in After Credit Scenes?

Is There a Post Credit Scene in Loki Finale? What Happens in After Credit Scenes?
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Credit: Marvel Studios

If five seconds of having the name of Loki on the case file being stamped by the words "Loki will return in season 2" would serve as a post-credits scene, so be it, then that is the only thing that has been shown after all the credits rolled. If it's not, then what a tease from the showrunners, right? Loki will be the very first series to be given another season and that, in itself, is already a plus.

To be frank, Loki would definitely need another season given that the finale gave everyone a mind-blowing reveal of a lot of things and just leaving with more answers than questions. Jonathan Majors finally enters the MCU as "He Who Remains," or more popularly known as Kang The Conqueror, proving a major theory to be true.

With his early casting, many speculated that he would arrive in the MCU sooner rather than later and it is in the finale of Loki where he stole the show and finally explained the main reason why he created the Time Variance Authority under the supervision and bureaucracy of the fake Time-Keepers in order to sort out the chaos between various alternate timelines through isolating the what is now known as the sacred timeline.

Also, a surprise was given to many as Loki and Sylvie, despite kissing, were on other ends of the rope in their decision on what to do with Kang. In the end, while Sylvie was successful in killing Kang, they were already warned that there are other versions of him who will end up in the same spot. That just makes the whole MCU a chaotic one as timelines branched to no control at all.

To start, it may be possible that WandaVision finale's post-credits scene could make some sense as what Wanda could've heard were Billy and Tommy from a different timeline, or maybe, Wanda herself could have known how to bring them back after she took down the walls of Westview.

In the end, it's Marvel. It's all connected somehow.

Loki finale is now up on Disney+.

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