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Is the Manga and the Anime the Same in Naruto?

Serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, the Narutomanga was released from 1999 to 2014. It can be collected in 72 tankobon volumes. It was adapted into an anime from 2002 to 2007 with 220 episodes. The series was not only popular in Japan but also around the world which paved way for the English dub to be released on YTV and Cartoon Network.

A sequel followed entitled Naruto: Shippuden that had 500 episodes. Like the original series, it got an English dub and the first 98 episodes were broadcasted on Disney XD before moving to Adult Swim’s Toonami. Viz Media got a license over anime and manga and released Naruto on its digital platform.


Is the Manga and the Anime the Same in Naruto?

Is the Manga and the Anime the Same in Naruto? 1
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The Naruto manga was able to sell more than 250 million copies worldwide. The manga was well-praised by reviewers and critics. On the other hand, the anime received a lot of awards like the popularity award. Since both manga and anime were loved and praised by fans and reviewers, some people can’t help but ask whether the anime and manga are the same.

Basically, the two are mostly the same. Fans will see important aspects of the manga in the anime. The character development was seen on both mediums too. The most obvious difference that fans will notice between the two is the fillers. The manga does not have fillers and has less blood during fights. The anime was made kid-friendly for the younger audiences to enjoy the series.

Those who read the manga can also mention other differences but it would be mostly longer fights, more flashbacks, and more action for other characters. There were also times when the plot arrangement was changed to give way to the filler. The anime also corrected some continuity issues found in the manga.

Which platform is better? It will depend on the perspective of the reader or viewer. Both were done well and almost the same with added scenes. Fans also have the option to check both as there are streaming sites that offer manga and anime.

The story of Naruto continues on Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Get the latest update on the ongoing series here

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