Naruto is The Most Popular Anime in the World, According to New Study

Have you ever wondered what's considered to be the most popular anime franchise in the world?

While most people would think it's Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, One Piece, or Attack on Titan, another popular anime tops all of them in the entire world, and that anime is Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto.

Naruto best anime
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Diamond Lobby recently did a study on 187 countries of the world, and according to the results, Naruto is by far the most popular anime in the world, dominating 81 countries, followed by Attack on Titan dominating 37 countries, Pokemon dominating 34 countries, and One Piece dominating 20 countries.

While Pokemon comes out on top in some of the larger countries like the United States, China, Australia, India, and Canada, Naruto is the most popular in most countries. Naruto dominates with 43.3% 'World Domination' score, topping the list in 81 out of 187 countries where the Diamond Lobby was able to obtain data. In comparison, Pokemon's score is 18.2%

The study was aimed to analyze anime popularity data and used Google search volume and Google Trends as measuring tools for popularity.

Before doing research, Diamond Lobby collected an extensive list of nearly 100 anime series and put them head to head into the SEO tool Ahrefs to determine their global search volume. Then, Diamond Lobby narrowed down the list to 20 anime titles with the highest global search volume over the last 90 days.

In no particular order, the list of 20 anime titles analyzed are: Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, Kimetsu No Yaiba, Attack On Titan, One Punch Man, Pokemon, Death Note, Haikyuu, Shingeki No Kyojin, Hunter X Hunter, Boku No Hero Academia, YuGiOh, No Game No Life, Code Geass, Tokyo Ghoul, Dragon Ball Z, Toradora, Noragami, and Swort Art Online.

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Diamond Lobby then compared the 20 anime titles against each other for every country in the world, and the anime series with the highest average search volume over the last 90 days would represent the given country.

Naruto is a great anime series, and thankfully, the franchise continues with the ongoing Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga and the Boruto anime series. You can read more info about the upcoming Boruto chapter here

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