Top Reasons Why You Should Watch Star Wars Rebels

Should I Watch Star Wars Rebels
Credit: Disney/ Lucasfilm

Should I Watch Star Wars Rebels
Credit: Disney/ Lucasfilm

Rebels is one of the best Star Wars shows out there but the animated series often gets overlooked in favor of more "adult" live-action series. Obviously, that shouldn't be the case. Here's why you should watch Star Wars Rebels before Ahsoka:

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  1. A Found Family You Will Love

    If, like us, you love the found family trope, Rebels is the one Star Wars show you must watch.

    Ezra Bridger is a Force-sensitive teenager who steals to survive after the disappearance of his parents. The rest of the main cast becomes his family over the course of the series.

    Other members of the Ghost crew, like Zeb and Kanan have also lost their people to the Empire's brutality.

    For their part, Hera and Sabine still have surviving parents or other family members. Still, their complicated family situations lead them to see their crew -- and the Rebellion more widely -- as their main family.

    This means that the bond forged between the main characters is powerful.

    While, like every family, they will often disagree or annoy each other, they are also prepared to protect each other no matter the cost.

  2. Many Great Cameos

    One of the main attractions of most Star Wars shows is the hope that characters from other movies and series might return.

    Rebels is one of the shows you should watch before Ahsoka, as the beloved character comes back as a rebel informant.

    Other cameos include Rex, Darth Maul, Obi-Wan, Princess Leia, Mon Mothma, and more!

    Some of these cameos can be considered as part of Rebels' fillers but they're still well worth watching because they wrap up storylines from previous shows.

  3. Filling Gaps Between Star Wars Media

    Rebels doesn't rely on cameos and sub-plots solely for fanservice. It fills in the gaps left by the Clone Wars animated series, wrapping up loose ends such Ahsoka's whereabouts post-Order 66, and concluding Maul's arc.

    Moreover, Rebels sets the foundation for shows such Ahsoka where most of the main cast will return.

    Since one of its main characters is from Mandalore, Rebels fleshes out the conflicts that still plague the planet's displaced populations in The Mandalorian.

    But even where its events don't exactly correspond with other movies or series, Rebels fills a gap that no other Star War story had filled at the time it started airing.

    Rebels Season 1 and 2 came before Rogue One and the entire show predates Andor which means that, for a while, it was the go-to show for all rebel activities prior to the Battle of Yavin.

    If you wonder what life as a rebel looked like in the five or so years before Luke Skywalker's arc, Rebels covers that extensively!

  4. Themes of Freedom and Sacrifice

    As the title indicates, Rebels focuses on a rebel group that fights against the Empire.

    It goes without saying that such a show raises interesting questions about how far one is willing to go for their convictions.

    For a supposed kids' show, Rebels features many instances in which the characters must make tough choices.

    Sometimes, they even toy with morally grey courses of actions to advance noble goals.

    Moreover, Rebels makes it clear that any big act of resistance requires sacrifice; not everyone will live to see the fruit of their efforts.

    In Andor, rebel leader Luthen laments being reduced to using the tools of his enemies, which has led him to increased isolation and lack of peace.

    Rebels is a bit more optimistic, but if you have been avoiding it due to its being a "kids' show," think again!

  5. Cool Jedi Stuff

    The show's main protagonist Ezra Bridger is Force-sensitive and Kanan trains him as a Jedi. If you love Jedi adventures, know that Rebels features some of the coolest.

    Ezra and Kanan don't let the lack of an organized Jedi order stop them from delving deeply into the ways of the Force.

    From Jedi temple visits to communication with higher beings, from temptations by the dark side to creepy artifacts, Rebels explores every aspect of being among the last living Jedi.

  6. Great Plot Leading to Rogue One

    As an animated show, Rebels has its share of fillers. But most episodes serve an overarching plot that will keep you watching until the end.

    The Ghost crew starts off as a group that operates largely alone with little personal contact other than calls from informants.

    By the fourth and final season, they are full members of the Rebel Alliance, and some of their final missions allude to the struggle to obtain the plans of the Death Star.

    Rebels ends right before the events of Rogue One and A New Hope so it's a great show to check out prior to a Star Wars movie marathon.

  7. New Locations

    Ghost's crew travels across the Gallaxy quite extensively, but Rebels doesn't exclusively rely on nostalgic returns to existing locations (though we aren't complaining about the Mustafar and Tatooine episodes).

    Rebels also takes us into explorations to mysterious Jedi temples. Most importantly, it presents Lothal, Ezra's home planet, a place you'll come to care for.

    Lothal is unlike any other Star Wars planet we've seen so far.

    We particularly like Lothal's creatures such as the cute, if occassionally irritating loth-cats, as well as the many adventures and missions in Ezra's home.

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