Is Ritsu Evil in Mob Psycho 100?

Is Ritsu Evil in Mob Psycho 100?
Credit: Bones

Is Ritsu Evil in Mob Psycho 100?
Credit: Bones

Mob’s younger brother, Ritsu Kageyama, has been very supportive of him ever since they were children. However, behind closed doors, Ritsu feels insecure about Mob and his tremendous powers. So, is Ritsu evil in Mob Psycho 100?

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What Happened to Ritsu in Mob Psycho 100?

Is Ritsu Evil in Mob Psycho 100? -What Happened to Ritsu
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Credit: Bones

Ritsu Kageyama awakened from his psychic powers in the aftermath of Mob and Teru’s fight.

Initially, he appears to be a typical young boy who attends school like any other student and works hard to achieve good grades. According to Mob, he is a straight-A student, a member of the Student Council, and is very nice to everyone.

Also, Ritsu is Mob's best friend in the family. They always look out for one another and cheer each other when they are down.

When they were kids, Mob would show Ritsu his powers and assure him that he, too, would have psychic abilities one day because he was his little brother.

Unfortunately, Ritsu has been unable to use any psychic abilities over the years. Instead, he has collected spoons in his room in an attempt to bend them.

This contributed to his underlying fear of his brother. He knows he adores Mob, but he can't help but be envious of his brother's talents.

Is Ritsu Evil in Mob Psycho 100?

Is Ritsu Evil in Mob Psycho 100? -Content
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Credit: Bones

In Mob Psycho 100, Ritsu is not evil.

He had gone through a bad period in his life when he did some bad things that Mob did not believe he could possibly do.

Because of his neglect and ignorance of his younger brother's feelings, Mob blames himself for Ritsu's actions.

Ritsu did the unthinkable at school. He collaborated with the cunning Student Council President to oust the delinquents from the school.

To pose as his perverted target, he framed everyone and planted evidence on their tables, lockers, and even bags.

In addition, Ritsu succumbed to his wariness about Mob. He teamed up with Dimple to hone his newly awakened psychic abilities and decided to assume Mob's identity.

Ritsu can fight anyone who wants a taste of Mob's powers without feeling bad. His viewpoint has also shifted, which is reminiscent of the old Teruzawa. He does not believe in Mob's ways and instead pursues his greed for power.

Every other school's delinquents are victims of his goals. Because he had grown so powerful, he was fighting them on a daily basis while using his psychic abilities.

Take note that Mob does not want to use his psychic abilities on humans because he believes it is the right thing to do. Ritsu, on the other hand, believes the opposite.

Everything changes when Ritsu witnesses his brother's incredible psychic abilities during the battle with Koyama. He witnessed his brother's power and how he was beaten up. This incident made Ritsu realize his mistakes.

After Reigen, Mob, Teru, and the others wiped out the seventh division of Claw, Ritsu decided to face his victims and apologize. Ritsu swears never to use his powers for evil and adopts his brother's outlook on life from then on.

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