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Who Does Mob End Up With in Mob Psycho 100?

Who Does Mob End Up With Mob Psycho 100 Tsubomi

Throughout Mob Psycho 100, Mob interacts with several girls, including his childhood friend and longtime crush Tsubomi! However, does Mob end up with anyone in Mob Psycho 100 or do his romantic interests remain unrequited?

Mob Psycho 100 follows the life of Shigeo 'Mob' Kageyama, a seemingly ordinary boy who possesses amazing psychic powers. Mob's emotions have a great effect on his powers.

Throughout the comedy anime, we see how the situations that he’s put in affect him and his surroundings.

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Does Emi Like Mob?

Does Emi Like Mob Mob Psycho 100
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One of the story's arcs introduces Emi, Mob’s fellow student at Salt Middle School. She seems to show an interest in Mob and asks him out. Mob starts walking home with Emi every day and she tells him about her interest in writing.

Eventually, Emi tells Mob that she just asked him out because of a bet with her friends.

Mob ends up running into Emi and her friends and he sees Emi’s friends making fun of her novel. They even tear it apart into tiny pieces. He tells her friends that it was not nice of them to do that considering the effort that Emi put into her work.

He helps her pick up the torn pieces off the ground, but the wind blows them away. He uses his powers to gather the pieces and put them back together.

Emi's respect for Mob increased after that moment. However, it remains just respect – Emi uses Mob as inspiration in her writing but there is no obvious romantic interest towards him.

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Do Mob and Tsubomi End Up Together?

Do Mob and Tsubomi End Up Together
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Mob has had a crush on Tsubomi for the longest time. He harbors great feelings for her, which in turn affects the intensity of his powers.

When they were younger, Mob even used his abilities to impress her. However, they eventually grew apart.

Numerous people have a crush on Tsubomi because of her appearance.

Near the end of the manga, news of Tsubomi moving away starts spreading around the school. Due to this, a lot of boys start confessing their feelings for her. Mob ends up being one of these people.

Mob confesses to Tsubomi but she rejects him, saying that she never really thought of him in that way.

He cries but ultimately ends up being fine with it. Even after she moved away, the two of them seem to have kept in touch.

Does Mob End Up With Anyone in Mob Psycho 100?

Does Mob End Up With Anyone Mob Psycho 100
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Ultimately, Mob doesn't end up with anyone in the Mob Psycho 100 manga. However, in many ways, this is the best possible ending.

Thanks to his experience with Tsubomi, first as a crush and then being rejected, Kageyama becomes a much more rounded and emotionally stable human being.

While Shigeo may not get a girlfriend in the story, we can rest easy knowing that he'll probably find the perfect person for him in the future.

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