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Is Peacemaker Season 1 Worth Watching?

Just recently, the first ever DC series has concluded with a bang and it’s not that bad for a show considering that it is considered as one of the most watched. Peacemaker ended on a high note with Season 1 and second has already been given a green light, assuring fans that there is more to the story of the anti-hero. But, is it worth watching?

Is Peacemaker Season 1 Worth Watching?

Peacemaker is interesting as a whole. The Butterflies plot is not that amazing, it has a kind of “meh” in it, however, what makes it good is the collection of the side stories of the characters in between and how they were explored and presented. The team had a genuine friendship between them and it translates beyond the screen. Oh, and Eagly, he's the real star of the show.
6.5 out of 10

The Peacemaker series follows the events in the life of Christopher Smith, also known as Peacemaker, after what happened in The Suicide Squad where the character debuted as one of the members who faced Starro in Corto Maltese. In the post-credits scene of the film, it was shown that he survived a near-death experience when he was gunned down by Bloodsport after he betrayed them.

Two A.R.G.U.S. members spotted Peacemaker as he recovered in the hospital, Emilia Harcourt and John Economos. They decided to take him in as part of another black ops project, headed by Clemson Murn, Project Butterfly. There, he met another member of the team, Leota Adebayo. He also got the chance to see his father again, Auggie Smith, and his self-proclaimed best friend, Vigilante.

See, Peacemaker is interesting as a whole. I must say, the plot of chasing Butterflies and stopping an alien invasion is quite a cliché, a very hero thing to face. The thing is, Peacemaker may be a hero in his head but his means doesn’t quite match his perspective. No, the Butterflies plot is not that amazing, it has a kind of “meh” in it. However, what makes Peacemaker good is the stories they had in between.

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Other than the Butterflies, the story of how the 11th Street Kids were formed made the series a great one. They started from being annoyed at each other to being so closely knit in the end. They forged a friendship out of a mission and that is something genuine between the characters of the show. Even with Murn, a Butterfly himself, he proved that he really cared for his team.

Another aspect that made the story great is how it tapped into the perspective of Peacemaker deeper that it showed his struggles with his father. Okay, a lot of heroes have father-and-son issues but with Peacemaker, it was a dark one. Imagine being trained by your father at a young age to be a killer because he loathed you that much? You could see how his way of doing things became different. He’s a good guy, deep inside, his foundation is just shaky.

A point to take in as well is how these problems were addressed in some dark humor. The show is full of running gags that’ll definitely make you fall off your chair. Some scenes are so funny that they’ll get stuck on your mind for days. Peacemaker lacking some sense of humor is humorous on its own, add Vigilante to the mix and it becomes funnier.

All in all, the series was a good one. DC has been dark as compared to other franchises but Peacemaker has the right amount of it, and it perfectly balances the light vibes of the show. The funny opening credits should be given credit, too, because after watching the series and you hear the exact song, you’ll always imagine how they danced to it with their faces serious.

What do you think of Peacemaker Season 1?

Peacemaker Season 1 is now streaming on HBO Max.

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