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Is Murn Really Dead in Peacemaker Episode 7?

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Peacemaker! Read at your own risk!

Peacemaker has been a whole lot of fun since the show started, however, that doesn’t mean it does not have a fair share of sad moments as well. While the series took some things lightly, nearing the end of the season, things get darker and deeper. In Episode 7, Stop Dragon My Heart Around, the penultimate run left off with a void on the team. Is Murn really dead?

Is Murn Really Dead in Peacemaker Episode 7?
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Is Murn Really Dead in Peacemaker Episode 7?

Episode 7 of Peacemaker is the penultimate run of the show and actor Chukwudi Iwuji teased that the last two episodes of the series would be explosive. Leading to the finale, Episode 7 was heavy and while it still has some comedic relief, it cannot conceal the fact that the show is ending and that things are getting more serious.

Halfway through the episode, the team fled off to brush off the noses of the Evergreen Police Department now that all of those are now hosts of Butterflies and the leader of the team, Clemson Murn, who is also a butterfly, made sure that everyone on the team is safe. They went to a lodge where he was with Harcourt and Adebayo while the others face off the White Dragon.

There, Detective Song who is now the host of Goff, paraded with her troops of police-turned-butterflies and Murn had to sacrifice himself to make sure that Adebayo and Harcourt could hide. The Butterflies tried to question Murn but in the end, Song fired the gun on the body Murn is inhabiting and the Butterfly is out. Before Song fully crushes the Butterfly, Murn was able to communicate with Harcourt telepathically, entrusting the team and the mission to her.

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Yes, Murn is really dead, body and Butterfly. The team remains in shambles now that their leader is gone but with Harcourt being entrusted with the mission, she has to step up her game. After all, she could really be a good one.

Clemson Murn, whilst being a Butterfly, has been a good one since the start. He started the task force to eradicate his own kind to try and save the Earth from an invasion. He dissented the decision of Goff and the others to take over the world. Until the end, he remains a hero in his own vein. He chose to sacrifice himself for Harcourt and Adebayo, and now, it is up to them to continue what Murn started.

See Peacemaker Episode 7, now streaming on HBO Max.

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