Is Marvel's The Multiverse Saga A Movie?
Credit: Marvel Studios
Credit: Marvel Studios

During the most recent San Diego Comic-Con, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a runaway winner when it comes to the announcements as they laid down their plans for Phase Five and Phase Six but there are still a few of those who are still confused whether the Multiverse Saga is a movie or not.

Is Marvel's The Multiverse Saga A Movie?

Throughout more than a decade of films, the Marvel Cinematic Universe build up a whole saga preparing the arrival of the big bad that all of them battled in the end. Little by little, each of the movie sets up either a hero or one of the six Infinity stones, where the whole Infinity saga revolved around.

As a culmination of the Infinity Saga where Thanos went on a quest to collect all the six Infinity stones to eradicate half of the universe as he thought it'd be best for the remaining half to thrive since the resources in the universe is limited. The Avengers emerge victorious in the end.

As for what comes next, the next big bad already arrived in MCU's Phase Four which dealt with all the reaction of the heroes dealing with the aftermath of Endgame. Jonathan Majors' He Who Remains as seen in Loki Season 1 teased that his variant is vicious and would destroy the multiverse.

As Sylvie stabbed He Who Remains, no one monitors the sacred timeline leading to the alternate realities branching out. Marvel's What If..? dealt with the other realities, Spider-Man: No Way Home proved how chaotic the multiverse would be and Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness explained the consequences.

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This brings the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the Multiverse Saga. No, it is not a movie but it is a collection of movies and series which will be completing the saga. It spans from Phase Five to Phase Six of the MCU, even having some Phase Four projects involved, too.

The Multiverse Saga will be dealing with the various universes that are in existence and how the heroes would be, not just Earth's mightiest, but the universe's.

The Multiverse Saga ends with a two-part finale, the Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, and Avengers: Secret Wars.

It will mark the arrival of various new heroes in the MCU franchise like the Fantastic Four, Blade, and more. Existing heroes will also have bigger roles to fulfill.

Are you ready for the Multiverse Saga?

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