Chainsaw Man: What Do the Different Eyes Mean?

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Chainsaw Man: What Do the Different Eyes Mean? Power
Credit: MAPPA

Some art styles directly affect an anime's plot, while most are nothing more than an artistic choice. Chainsaw Man creator Tatsuki Fujimoto has added not-so-subtle distinctions to some of his characters' designs. In this article, we'll be discussing the meanings behind Chainsaw Man's different eyes.

If you're not too keen on spoilers, this is where you should click out.

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Why Does Power Have Cross Patterns in Her Eyes?

Chainsaw Man: What Do the Different Eyes Mean: Power has crosshairs in her eyes

Power is one of Chainsaw Man's main characters. She is a fiend, or a devil possessing a human corpse. She is characterized as a fiend by her two horns, which can become four when she consumes a lot of blood.

As the Blood Devil, she is able to manipulate the blood in her body to form weapons like the Blood Hammer and the Blood Spear.


Power can also transfer her blood to someone else through a contract and prevent them from completely bleeding out. She can also manipulate the blood of foes, mixing them with her own and distorting their regenerative abilities as a result.

She can restore her health as a fiend by consuming blood, but as the Blood Devil, she can regenerate even with very little amounts of blood. She can regenerate herself even after she dies by consuming the blood of stronger devils.

Power is an incredibly strong Public Safety Devil Hunter who is part of Makima's special squad.

Whether she is in fiend form with human physical characters save for the horns, or in Blood Devil form with four arms and an open chest cavity that reveals intestines extending up to her neck, Power's eyes have the same crosshair appearance.

Unfortunately, nothing in the manga has described or hinted at a hidden meaning behind this design. Power's cross-like eyes are nothing more than an artistic choice that Tatsuki Fujimoto simply decided to go with.

Still, this doesn't take away from the fact that Power is one of the most memorable characters in the whole Chainsaw Man series.

She isn't only pretty, funny, and cool-looking, but she also has one of the most gripping character developments in the whole story. The trailer for the upcoming Chainsaw Man anime adaptation definitely did her good!

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Why Do Makima's Eyes Have Rings?

Chainsaw Man: What Do the Different Eyes Mean: Makima has concentric circles in her eyes.

Makima is arguably the most popular Chainsaw Man character, even ranking first on MyAnimeList's most-favorited CSM character list, with Power and Denji coming in the second and third places, respectively.


If you ignored the spoiler warning above and got to this point, this is your last chance to choose to read something else, like whether or not you should worry about censorship in the Chainsaw Man anime, for example.

Here's the biggest piece of spoiler in this whole article: Makima, leader of a special team within the government-sanctioned Public Safety Devil Hunters, is actually the notorious and greatly feared Control Devil.

This reveal was one of the most epic plot twists in recent manga history, with avid readers being surprised out of their seats at the revelation. But even though nobody saw this twist coming, looking back, there had been many hints all along.

Makima seemed to always get what she wanted, and even though the concentric circles in her eyes never directly affected the story and its telling, this design choice started making a lot of sense after the twist was revealed.

The manga doesn't mention any sort of significance to the rings in Makima's eyes, although this hasn't stopped fans from speculating that they helped with her hypnosis as the Control Devil.

It's also important to note that after Makima's death, the Control Devil was reincarnated in a body that also had rings in the eyes. Fans don't believe it's a mere coincidence.

The good thing is that Chainsaw Man part 2's release has started. Hopefully, our many questions will be answered soon!

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