Is Don Freecss Gon's Dad in Hunter x Hunter?

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Is Don Freecss Gon's Dad in Hunter x Hunter?

Don Freecss is the author of Journey to the New World. It is a journal that talks about the Dark Continent. Since he and Gon share the same surname, does that mean that Don Freecss is Gon’s dad?

As everyone who read and watched Hunter x Hunter knows, Gon is on a journey to find his dad who happened to abandon him and pursue his mission as a Hunter.

Gon originally thought that both of his parents died, as this was what Mito told him. But when he discovered the truth, he immediately decided to become a Hunter as well and take the Hunter Exam.

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Is Don Freecss Gon's Dad in Hunter x Hunter?

Is Hunter x Hunter Don Freecss Gon's Dad?
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Gon’s father is Ging Freecss, not Don Freecss. While it can be confusing considering that Don shares the same surname as Gon and is a traveller, though it is unclear if he is a Hunter as well, it was later revealed that Ging is indeed the long-lost father of Gon.

It is still unclear if Gon and Ging are related to Don as there have been no updates on this character.

The only ones stated in the Hunter x Hunter manga and anime are that he is from the Dark Continent, wrote the first volume of his book, “East”, and finished that volume 300 years ago.

Ging is not sure if the West version is done as well or if Don is still writing it. If it was the latter, it would mean that Don is still alive, which means he is a Nen user.

Nen allows one to extend his or her lifespan as it can slow down ageing. It would also mean that Don is either a powerful person or is protected by the beings from the Dark Continent, considering that it is a dangerous location.

Even his appearance was not shown at all so it is pretty hard to determine if he looks like Gon or Ging, or maybe Gon has met him and still wasn’t aware.

There are a lot of theories surrounding his character but until there is an official update either from the manga or anime, supporters of the show can only speculate.

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