Is ASTRO Moonbin Single In 2022? The Truth Uncovered

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Credit: fantagio 판타지오/YouTube Screenshot

ASTRO Moonbin and the rest of the group had just made their comeback a few weeks ago. The six-member act dropped their third studio album, Drive To The Starry Road, last May 16, 2022.

As their official activities continue to move forward these past few weeks, the public’s interest in the idols has also remained apparent. These seemingly include the eagerness of some individuals to learn about the K-pop idols’ dating lives.

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ASTRO Moonbin And His Current Relationship Status

Moonbin is the main dancer and lead vocalist of the group. He is among today’s K-pop idols who appear to have continued to receive questions about his love life.

As of 2022, though, Dating Celebs claims that the ASTRO member is single. He is said to be not in a relationship and not seeing anyone.

The outlet also notes that there is little information about the idol’s personal life, especially his relationships and romantic ties. As explained, he is like most celebrities who prefer to keep their personal lives out of the spotlight.

Nevertheless, it claims that Moonbin has had at least one relationship in his life.

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The Idol Would Reportedly Date This Person

The K-pop idol also rarely discusses matters relating to his love life. It is not surprising, though, as it is not unusual among celebrities in the world of South Korean entertainment.

But, Channel-Korea includes in its dedicated profile for Moonbin the details of his supposed “ideal type.” It says that he prefers someone “with a good sense of humor.”

The same outlet also reveals who the ASTRO member would date if he was a girl.

He reportedly shared that he would choose co-member Cha Eun Woo because he is “very handsome” and “he would take good care” of him.

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Dating Rumors Involving Moonbin

Moonbin and his co-members debuted in 2016. He has yet to face any dating rumors since then, unlike some of his groupmates.

So far, these are the only details about the ASTRO member’s dating and love life.


Watch this space for more ASTRO Moonbin news.

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