21 Oct 2021 6:12 PM +00:00 UTC

Iron Man Spin-off Armor Wars Gets Working Title

Marvel has a long line of shows on its slate and one of those would be the spin-off of Iron Man, Armor Wars, which will be starred by Don Cheadle, reprising his role as James Rhodes, War Machine. It will deal with what happens after the death of Tony Stark and focus on his technology and his greatest fear of it landing on the wrong hands. It gets a working title: Rigatoni.

Iron Man Spin-off Armor Wars Gets Working Title
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Credit: Marvel Studios
Iron Man Spin-off Armor Wars Gets Working Title

In a report from The Cosmic Circus, the working title of Armor Wars would be Rigatoni. As weird as it sounds, it is the ridged pasta. Does this mean that Rhodey will be eating a lot of pasta in the series? Well, usually, working titles are clues to what the series would have in store or it is a disguise on the nature of the production itself. Some projects have cute working titles but this one, it would make you crave food.


With Rigatoni as the working title of Armor Wars, it could possibly mean something related to Italy or something ridged. Armor Wars will focus on Rhodes being left with his arsenal of suits following the death of Tony Stark and with that, he had no choice but to be the new Iron Man. Rhodes would have to prevent chaos with what happens when the technology invented by Stark falls into the wrong hands.

Tony’s death will surely play a part in every member of the Avengers and his loss as one of the senior members of the team and his leadership will surely be large shoes to fill in. Given the friendship of Rhodey and Stark established over the years since the start of the MCU, the death of Iron Man will surely have an impact on his life after the heroic sacrifice of the person he considers as his best friend.

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The friendship they have built throughout the MCU has proved to be valued by both of them especially when Tony had a mini-heart attack when Rhodey fell out of the sky when he was accidentally hit while on air. It left Rhodes paralyzed from the waist down and it was Tony who made it possible for him to walk again.

With Phase Four of the MCU being a transitional period of passing the torch from one to another as Sam becomes the new Captain America, and Yelena becoming the new Black Widow, plus the upcoming title passage of Hawkeye to Kate Bishop, and of Thor to Jane being the new wielder of Mjolnir, Armor Wars will have a similar storyline as well.

Armor Wars is expected to be released sometime in 2022.