Invincible Comic Controversy Explained

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Credit: Amazon Prime Video
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For many fans, Invincible redefines the superhero genre. Sure, it still depends on familiar tropes, but the comic and show aren't shy about it, and they still use them in interesting ways that are true to the characters. It is a story that asks questions about the abuse of power, and how a heroic legacy can change an individual. That being said, Invincible isn't without controversy. Season 1 ended at 8 episodes, but Seasons 2 and 3 have been announced, and there are already discussions regarding how they will treat a particular aspect of the comic.

Content Warning: Sexual abuse.


Invincible tells the story of Mark Greyson, a young superhero coming to terms with the less than noble legacy of his father, Nolan, also known as the superhero Omni-Man, whom Mark had looked up to. So far, the Amazon Prime Video adaptation is considered to be a good one, but they are probably going to be faced with a dilemma regarding one of the comic's most controversial moments.

In Invincible#110, Mark is approached by an alien, Anissa, during a time of great distress for him. Anissa belongs to an alien race known as Viltrumites, who are urged to procreate as they're facing the danger of extinction. Mark's father, Nolan, is also Viltrumite, making Mark half-human, half-Viltrumite. Anissa wants to mate with him, rather than a human, and when Mark refuses her advances and fights her, she forces herself on him.

Unfortunately, sexual abuse is depicted all too often in superhero stories, and it's one of these topics that is almost impossible to handle well. Writer Robert Kirkman has mentioned his intentions to write about such a traumatic topic in a respectful, rather than superficial or sensational manner. Some fans have appreciated the attempt to discuss male victimhood in as nuanced a way as possible.


Even so, the fact remains that rape is one of the hardest and most misused triggering topics in speculative media and not only. Due to that, many contemporary creators would prefer to steer clear of it if they can help it. It's still too early to tell if Amazon Prime Video will choose to adapt this aspect of the comic, but we can only hope that if they do, they will treat it as respectfully as possible.

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