Interview with the Vampire Star Sam Reid Says Playing Lestat is 'So Much Fun'

There is little doubt that playing Lestat de Lioncourt is a huge opportunity for any actor but only Sam Reid has that privilege right now. The Australian actor has been cast as the terrifying bloodsucker in Interview with the Vampire and it's quite obvious that Reid is loving the role. Reid has just admitted that playing Lestat is "so much fun" especially because he's a huge fan of the late Anne Rice's novels!

Sam Reid and Interview with the Vampire co-star Jacob Anderson recently spoke to where the former confessed that being a part of the new AMC series is "fun" considering that he gets to speak lines that were directly taken from the books.

"It really is the most fun thing to do. I can't tell you," Reid said. "It's so much fun because he's so complicated a character. And it's like a gift, the dialogue that we get to say is extraordinary. And it is so gratifying playing this character and, in this world, saying direct Anne Rice lines."

He continued, "It's incredible because when you read it, it's very different to how it sounds in your mouth, I mean how it sounds in your head when you have to put the words in your mouth and you actually go, 'Holy sh-t, these people speak like this.' Because there's a lot of exclamation points and there's a lot of love."

Reid added, "There's a lot of very extreme emotions in the book that when you translate it, they remain extreme, but you also have to put them in a sense of reality as well, which is a bit of a minefield to navigate. So, it's really, really fun."

The lines in Interview with the Vampire are not the only things Sam Reid is enjoying. "And the fangs are fun, and the contact lenses are fun, and everything is great," he said.

We're glad that Sam Reid is having the time of his life playing Lestat in Interview with the Vampire and we can't wait to see more of him in the upcoming episodes.

The first two episodes of Interview with the Vampire premiered on AMC on Sunday, October 2, 2022.

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