Interview With the Vampire Spoilers, News & Update: Series Creator Briefly Considered Louis to Do Something Vile Involving a Baby

Credit: IGN Movie Trailers/YouTube

Credit: IGN Movie Trailers/YouTube

Fans of the Anne Rice books can now watch Lestat (Sam Reid) transform Louis (Jacob Anderson) into a vampire thanks to the premiere of Interview with the Vampire on AMC and the ongoing interview with Daniel Malloy (Eric Bogosian).

They had also witnessed Louis being offered a baby.

Fans of the novel and the 1994 film are unlikely to have anticipated Louis eating the infant. Rolin Jones, the creator of the series, said he gave the fresh approach some thought. Jones gave an explanation on a Zoom panel hosted by the Television Critics Association.

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Interview with the Vampire Considered Letting Louis Eat the Baby

The baby scene was written by one of Jones' Interview with the Vampire writers. Coline Abert is a French writer who has contributed to the French television programs Plus Belle la vie and The Bureau, and The Returned. Abert has also worked on the Starz Dangerous Liaisons series.

"Actually, now that I think about it, I think Coline actually came up with that pitch," Jones said. "That lasted about seven minutes and we all had a good time and then you know no one's fine with that on TV. And then you kind of have to pull it right back. He's a nice man, right? You wouldn't eat the baby, Jacob."

A Reluctant Vampire

Louis presents himself as a noble vampire as he tells Malloy his story. Lestat offered to feed him, but he declined. Louis lives off of animals, therefore, it seems to reason that he won't drink from an infant if he won't drink from an adult.

Louis's claim is disproved by Malloy for a variety of reasons. However, the audience may watch it happen and make their own judgment. According to Jones, the first half of the novel will be covered in Season 1 of Interview with the Vampire.

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What's Next On Interview With the Vampire

Abert isn't the only writer of Interview with the Vampire who has grim suggestions. Other writers, according to Jones, contributed to the macabre. Other concepts were not rejected, so you can expect a lot more darkness in Season 1.

"There's a writer on our staff named Hannah Moscovitch and she is known as the dark princess of Canadian theater," Jones said. "And generally speaking out of the 10 darkest things you're going to see from Season 1 came right from her. So when you find her, ask her that question. Darkness, darkness."

That comes as no surprise. Interview with the Vampire is a grim narrative, even without a baby-eating scene involved. Even after Lestat, Louis travels with vampire clans that prey on people, even though he does not himself. Claudia (Bailey Bass), the young vampire companion Lestat who has turned for Louis, is appearing in the show.

Furthermore, the series has put down the gauntlet for delving deeper into Louis, and Lestat's relationship than the original book and the 1994 film did. Louis and Lestat already have a bad relationship. Adding romance to the mix is bound to muddle matters even further.

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Catch Interview with the Vampire Sunday nights on AMC.

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