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Interview with the Vampire Finale Changes Major Detail in Lestat's Death

Lestat might be the one name everyone associates with Interview with the Vampire. Despite being the beautiful poster boy for Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, the Brat Prince is introduced as the antagonist both in the novel and the TV series. So it's no surprise that Lestat's companions decided to do away with him in both mediums. However, the AMC show just made a major change in his "death" which makes more sense in Lestat's story as a whole.

In Interview with the Vampire Episode 7, Claudia convinces Lestat to throw an elaborate Mardi Gras ball before they leave New Orleans with Louis. However, she also laid plans to murder her maker, successfully poisoning him despite Lestat learning about the scheme. When Lestat doesn't fully succumb to the poison, Louis steps in and uses his cane to slit the vampire's throat.

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This is a major change considering that Claudia is the one who gets her hands dirty in the books. However, showrunner Rolin Jones explains to Variety that giving Louis the blade made sense because of his relationship with Lestat.

"For Lestat, his love language is murder," Jones said. "So, who else should it be than [Louis]?"

It's certainly an interesting way to look at it. Claudia had wanted Lestat dead because of his abuse and it would have been satisfying for her to be the one to slit his throat. On the other hand, Louis was the one he favored and it's a bigger blow knowing that he was betrayed by the one he loved the most. Overall, it was great to see Louis actually taking part in the killing rather than just standing around watching in horror.

Louis and Claudia will return in Interview with the Vampire Season 2. And yes, we'll see more of the Brat Prince in the second season.

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