Interview With The Vampire Showrunner Shares Season 2 Details

The final episode of Interview with the Vampire Season 1 was truly a shocking hour for viewers who have been following the series right from the start. In The Thing Lay Still, Louis and Claudia plotted to murder Lestat while the truth about Rashid was finally revealed. But what could this mean for the future? Showrunner Rolin Jones shared some interesting details about Interview with the Vampire Season 2.

In Interview with the Vampire Episode 7, Claudia convinced Lestat to throw an extravagant Mardi Gras ball before they all left New Orleans, but she also laid plans to kill her maker. After Lestat drinks from a poisoned man, Louis slits his throat and places the vampire's corpse in a trunk that will be thrown in the city dump.

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Louis and Claudia are finally free (at least, for now) so what can we expect from the duo in Interview with the Vampire Season 2? Rolin Jones told Variety that they are headed for Europe, but unlike the book, the vampires are headed there during World War II.

"That sets up what Paris is all about," Jones said. "Remaking yourself, and a second — or, in this case — a third act for our vampires. Can you put behind you questionable decisions and start anew, and become the person that you want to be? They go through something in Eastern Europe that could — for vampires that aren't as strong — have been the end."

It certainly sounds like Interview with the Vampire Season 2 will show us the chaos that Louis and Claudia had to face in Paris. With that in mind, we can't wait for the second season.

Interview with the Vampire has already been renewed for a second season. However, the Season 2 release date has not yet been announced. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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