Insomniacs After School Anime to Stream on HIDIVE This April

Insomniacs After School HIDIVE Isaki Magari

Insomniacs After School HIDIVE Isaki Magari

Demon Slayer and Jigokuraku are Spring 23’s most anticipated shows, but for romance fans, Insomniacs After School is a show that’s worth looking out for. Now, fans will know where to watch it as Insomniacs After School was announced as part of the HIDIVE Spring 23 lineup.

Recently, HIDIVE announced a selection of upcoming anime that will be part of its Spring 23 lineup.

These include the second season of a popular anime from 2022, as well as other under-the-radar shows.

HIDIVE’s Spring 23 Anime Lineup

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In the US, most anime fans probably watch anime on Crunchyroll, but not all seasonal titles are released there.

In fact, some popular titles like Made in Abyss Season 2 and The Eminence in Shadow are streamed on HIDIVE, a competing streaming platform.

For Spring 23, one of HIDIVE’s highlight shows is the magical girl series Tokyo Mew Mew New Season 2, the second season of the reboot anime by Yumeta Company and Graphinica.

Another interesting show that’s part of the HIDIVE lineup is Otaku Elf, the anime series by C2C that’s based on the manga of the same name from Kodansha.

As its name implies, the series follows a centuries-old elf who is secretly an otaku.

Another show that’s part of the Spring 23 lineup is alice gear aegis Expansion, an anime series that’s based on the mecha mobile game.

Then there’s Too Cute Crisis, a sci-fi comedy anime that follows an alien who wants to destroy Earth but stops as she finds its cat inhabitants too cute.

Finally, there’s Insomniacs After School, the acclaimed manga series that is finally getting its long-awaited adaptation.

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Insomniacs After School Anime Confirms HIDIVE Release

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As its title implies, Insomniacs After School follows two high school students who suffer from insomnia and have a chance meeting at their school’s abandoned astronomical observatory.

The two soon develop a friendship, and they both resolve to restart their school’s astronomy club.

As you might’ve expected, this friendship begins to develop into something more.

Insomniacs After School will premiere in Japan on April 11, 2023.

While HIDIVE has not yet confirmed a streaming release date for the series, it’s likely that the anime will premiere on the platform shortly after its Japanese release.

Aside from an anime series, Insomniacs After School is also getting a live-action film adaptation that will be released in Japan on June 23, 2023.

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